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Add vignette effect to photo

Transform your ordinary photo into a visual masterpiece. Apply a free vignette filter to your images using Canva to inject drama or a cool retro vibe—no design skills required.

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How to make a vignette effect

Enhance images with a brilliant vignette

Adjust the vignette effect of your image

Infuse your images with the same vintage charm as grandma’s old photos. Use our intuitive photo editor(opens in a new tab or window) to add a free vignette effect to any picture and give it a new look. Upload your image, adjust the vignette slider, and watch your photo come alive with mood or composition enhancements. Skip the hours of tinkering with complicated software—Canva brings effortless design right to your fingertips.

Strike a darkened tone

Adjust your whole image's saturation

Dive into vignetting with Canva’s photo editing tools. Nudge the slider to apply a slight vignette, giving your images an antique, lived-in feel. Experiment with the color and texture sliders until your picture looks richly retro. Turn any photo monochrome by adjusting the saturation slider all the way down. Want a period photo? Combine a vignette filter with a grayscale image(opens in a new tab or window) to amp up the drama.

Bring attention to the center

Crop your image in freeform

Darken the edges of your image and enhance(opens in a new tab or window) its presentation and composition. Try a heavy vignette to let your subject take center stage and pull the viewer’s eye toward the center of the photo. Play with creative cropping(opens in a new tab or window) and negative space to add focus and depth. Add an easy vignette effect to your pictures on Canva and produce visuals that are warm, balanced, and ready to be shared anywhere.

How to make a vignette effect

How to make a vignette effect

Open Canva on the app or a web browser to access our online photo editor.

Upload the photo you want to add a vignette effect.

Click Edit photo, then navigate to the Adjust tab. Under Texture, scroll down to Vignette. Adjust the slider or enter a number in the option box to add a vignette effect to your image.

Fine-tune your image with more tools in the online editor. Darken your photo, rotate it to a new orientation, or enhance it in one click by applying filters and effects.

Happy with the final look? Download your new vignette photo as a high-quality JPG or PNG file, add it to an existing Canva design, or publish it on your social media feeds.

Frequently asked questions

The vignette effect is the darkening of an image’s corners or edges for artistic purposes. This technique draws the viewer’s attention to the center of the image, providing visual contrast and a sense of depth. It's often used in portrait and product photography.

Easily add a vignette effect using our online photo editor. Upload your image using the desktop app or a web browser, or download our iOS or Android apps on your mobile device. Use the Vignette slider to gently darken the edges of your image, then seamlessly edit from one device to another.

Avoid using the vignette effect on group photos with multiple people or subjects. It creates an imbalance in the image, unintentionally drawing attention to the individuals in the center and leaving those in the periphery less visible.
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