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Add borders to your photos for a striking effect

Direct attention to your images using Canva’s free photo frames and borders. Add photo borders to images for presentations, social media content, or photo portfolios.

Spruce up your images

Photo Borders Feature

Say goodbye to bare, square images. Use the photo border creator to make your pictures look more polished and creative. Put a crisp outline in any color, in any width, on photos of any size or dimension. Add white borders to photos for a beautiful Instagram feed, create a polaroid print effect, or apply uniform photo borders to all your branded content using your brand colors. Need to expand your image? Resize your photo using our AI Image Expander(opens in a new tab or window). Just upload your pictures on Canva, and work your magic with our easy-to-use editing tools.

A variety of photo border styles, from simple to stunning

Photo Borders Feature

Create any type of border for your images. Make a solid perimeter in a single color or add a blurred border to your photo for a shadowy glow. For more elaborate borders, explore our Photo Frames(opens in a new tab or window) and choose designs like white polaroid frames, neon pink outlines, and gadget screens. With our photo editor, you can add film strips, round photo borders, golden frames, and more.

Add final touches to your images

Photo Borders Feature

Apart from adding borders to your photos, Canva’s photo editor lets you put your creative touch on the images. Add captions in a stylish font. Find small graphic elements from our media library to subtly enhance your design. Then, share your image on your social channels or add them to any design project. You can print photos with white borders, elevate photo exhibits, or publish unique, stylized images that match your brand.

How to add borders to photos

How to add borders to photos
Add a border to a photo

Launch Canva and start a new design project. Upload the image, then drag and drop the picture onto the layout.

Click the picture, then click the Edit Image. Under Shadows, choose Glow. To add a solid border to the photo, adjust the Blur to 0 and the Transparency to 100. Choose a color. Feel free to adjust the size, blur, and transparency.

For more elaborate borders, go to Elements and search for Frames. Then search for specific borders for photos, like polaroid, film strip, gold outlines, and more.

Add finishing touches to your photos. Adjust the size, crop, or flip the image. Add text or illustrations from our media library.

Save your image in JPG, PNG, or PDF format or share it via email or social media channels.
Add a border to a photo

Frequently Asked Questions

To add borders to your Instagram photos, start a blank Instagram post design project. Upload your photo and drag it to the blank canvas. Click Edit image and under Shadows, choose Glow. Customize the color, size, transparency, and blur of your border, then share your project directly to Instagram.

To add borders to your Facebook photos, start a blank Facebook post design project. Upload your image, then use the Glow option under Edit image > Shadows. Put photo borders in any color, size, and transparency. We also have many customizable Facebook profile frames for you to explore.

Use our design tools to add a white border (or any color) to your photo. Download it as a JPG or PNG and send it to your printer of choice. You can also order from our in-house printing services. Click the Share icon, then Print your design. Enter your printing requirements, place your order, and you’ll receive your high-quality printed photos with white borders.
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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva. I use Canva every day – I couldn’t do my job without it. The ability to style logos is my favorite feature.


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