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Now you can get on top of your daily to-do list with a planner of your very own. And the best part is you will have fun doing it.

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Get a handle on your to-do list with a daily planner

Too busy to think? Always late? Feeling overwhelmed by your schedule? Sounds like you could do with some structure. A daily planner can help you get productive, keep track of special dates and make sure you keep appointments.

The best part is Canva make it easy to design your own daily planner using an intuitive drag and drop approach, without any fancy design software in sight. In fact, when you are done your work might just be confused with a professional designer’s. We promise not to tell.

How to make a daily planner

Open a New Daily Planner Design

Open Canva and search for "Daily Planner" to get started.

Browse daily planner templates in every style and theme, from bright and colorful to minimalist and classic. Find sections for to-do lists, personal notes and reminders. Click on the template you like and start designing.

Get creative with color schemes, font styles and backgrounds. Add illustrations, icons, images, stickers and other graphics. Use the drag and drop tool to add these elements to your design.

Add your personal flair to your design by mixing and font combinations, rearranging and resizing text boxes, experimenting with layout, and uploading your own header image or artwork.

Share your design online in a few clicks. Download and save your daily planner as a JPG, PNG or PDF. Make high-quality prints of your design with Canva Print.

Open a New Daily Planner Design

Personalize your planner with motivational quotes or images

If you’re the type who needs a little help in getting your day started or you just love to collect beautiful quotes, why not add one to your planner and set the theme for your day? You can use a random quote generator(opens in a new tab or window) and use Canva’s text tools to create some beautiful typography for your favorite quotes. Or, try browsing Canva’s amazing media library, home to over a million high-quality stock images, illustrations and icons. There are plenty of free ones in the library and premium ones only require a small cost for each one time use. Once something has caught your eye, just drag and drop it into your workspace and tweak as much or as little as you like.

Design anytime, anywhere – even on the go

Activities and plans can crop up anytime. So if you need to move things around or change up a few dates, you can always access your Canva design anytime, anywhere. All your designs are stored on cloud, so once you’ve registered, you only need to log back in using any computer or laptop. You can even access Canva on the go using your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Print your daily planner and change your life

You tend to remember some things better if you write them down, so make sure you print your daily planner. Simply hit the “Download” button, save your design as a high-res PNG file or a print-ready PDF and voila, you are good to go! You should now be a more organized, productive, and infinitely happier human being. Congratulations!


You’ll get the most out of your planner if it’s well-structured but also leaves plenty of room for writing down notes, details and reflections. There should be space for to-do lists alongside your schedule. You might also motivate yourself with inspiring quotes or images to focus on each week.

You’ll want not only a monthly calendar and weekly calendar, but also a single-day view with an hour-by-hour calendar and a to-do list. That way, you can fill in your goals for each day as well as each week and month. Don’t forget to leave space for writing goal descriptions.

Daily planners typically include:

  • personal or professional goals
  • important dates and appointments
  • tasks and activities to be completed each day
  • upcoming events
  • holiday plans
  • the weather
  • budget information
  • prompts for reflection such as inspiring quotes or daily gratitude exercises.
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