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Getting fit is not a walk in the park. To see sustainable results, you need to put in consistent effort. Let Canva’s free workout planner maker help you outline your fitness program. A customized planner will inspire you to show up every day and keep you on the path to better health.

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Make fitness your lifestyle

Wanting to be healthier is the first step to better fitness. But the next steps won’t be easy. It takes meticulous planning to squeeze in workouts throughout a busy week. You also need to carve out time for meal planning and prepping to complement your physical activity with a nutritious diet. Lastly, you need to plan for rest.

To make this lifestyle overhaul easier, organize your fitness goals and program with Canva’s free workout planner maker. With customizable templates, you’ll design a workout routine planner that’s as detailed as needed. Schedule your exercises, plan your meals, track your progress, and hit your goals. Whether daily, weekly, or monthly, your personal workout planner will give you the structure you need to maintain your focus.

How to create a workout planner

Create a workout planner

Launch Canva and type “Workout planners” on the search bar.

To find the best template for your program, filter by format, style, theme, and color. Look through the selection and pick what fits your requirements.

Fill in the fields with the details of your personal fitness program. Upload your favorite fitspo images or look for stock images in our media library, then drag and drop them onto the layout.

Play around with the details of your workout planner. Add fun graphics from the media library. Put your favorite motivational quote or generate a random quote. Change the colors to a more vibrant palette.

Save and download your final design in JPG or PNG format. You can also share the design via email or social media.
Create a workout planner

Make every workout count

Sticking to a fitness program is difficult, not just for newbies. Even those who work out consistently can find themselves plateauing and losing their drive. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, you can use our free workout planner maker to keep your eyes on the prize.

Canva’s customizable workout planner templates come in a variety of formats and styles. Find a layout that outlines your daily, weekly, and monthly program. Add details about the routine for different muscle groups throughout the week. Dedicate a block of space to monitor progressive overload. Log the sets and reps or the duration of your cardio sessions. You can also create a workout routine planner that tracks your macros and protein intake.

Make it work hard for you—as hard as you work for your health.

Craft your own visual coach

They say success is 10% inspiration. Let your personalized workout schedule planner inspire you to keep perspiring.

Use a color palette that gets you pumped up. Add details that make you smile as you sweat, like cute, cheering characters and hype slogans. Place reminders to put safety first and perfect your form. Include pictures of the reward you’ll give yourself when you hit a target. Don’t forget to schedule rest days in your workout routine, too. Then, use the planner as your wallpaper, print copies, or share it online.

Share your gym workout planner

Be a fitspo among your friends and followers and post your personalized workout planner on your socials. Canva lets you share your gym planner with one click, so you can show it to your coach, gym buddy, or a friend who’ll keep you accountable. Who knows? Your friends might just be inspired to design their own exercise trackers.

If you’re a coach or trainer, our free workout planner maker helps you quickly create personalized workout schedules for all your clients. Simply choose a template, customize the content, add your logo, and share it with your clientele, so you can track and hit goals together.


A workout plan breaks down your fitness goals into manageable steps. It maps your progression as you build strength and endurance and helps you engage different muscle groups with enough rest in between. And with our free workout planner maker, you get a sense of accomplishment when you check how far you’ve come.

A trainer can help you put together an effective workout plan. If hiring one isn’t convenient, you can download a well-reviewed fitness app. Then, keep a record of your exercise routine using our free workout planner maker.

Choose any of our daily workout planner templates. Type in the details of your gym routine for every day of the week. Add other daily variables you want to track, like your meals and calorie intake. Then, save your custom exercise planner or print out copies.
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