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100% fully customizable

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Create a personalized, printable class schedule in minutes. Canva’s free online class schedule maker is your shortcut to a schedule with style.

How to make a class schedule - Canva

Stay organized in style

Keep on track of your schedule with Canva’s class schedule maker. We’ve got thousands of class schedule templates that go beyond the typical table format. With options to suit every style, you’re sure to find a class schedule that suits your needs.

Unlike other class schedule makers, our templates are fully customizable. That means you can change the text, colors, images and layouts until you’ve got the look you want.

Got something specific in mind? It’s easy to design from scratch in Canva. Add background images, your favorite colors and the best fonts—all for free.

How to make a class schedule

Open a New Class Schedule Design

Open Canva and search for "Class Schedule." Then, launch a new page in the editor to start designing.

Find a wide range of class schedule templates for every style and theme. Narrow down your search by adding in keywords that fit the theme, style, mood, and color scheme. Click on the template you like to add it to your design.

Canva has millions of icons, illustrations, images, photos and other graphics to help you design your class schedule with style. Use the drag-and-drop tool to add and rearrange elements on your design.

Customize your schedule even more by adding your own creative twist. Customize the layout to suit your needs. Switch up color schemes, backgrounds and font styles. Upload your own images and artwork.

Download and save your class schedule as a PDF, JPG or PNG. Share on social media or make high-quality prints of your design with Canva Print.

Open a New Class Schedule Design

A schedule maker with freedom

With Canva’s class schedule tool, you’ve got the flexibility to create a fully custom class schedule according to your tastes and needs.

Delete the parts you don’t need, add the parts you want. Want a 7-day schedule instead of 5 days? Switch in seconds. Prefer to write the class full class name rather than the course code? With Canva, it couldn’t be easier.

Personalize your class schedule with images

Add a personal touch to your class schedule. Upload your own photos and images to Canva for free! Choose any JPEG(opens in a new tab or window), PNG(opens in a new tab or window) or SVG file from your computer and simply drag and drop it into your new class schedule.

Canva also has an extensive image library. With over 2 million high-quality images to choose from, you can spice up your design with patterns, textures, wildlife photos, nature photos, sports or fashion photos — whatever inspires or motivates you!

Print your class schedule in high resolution or share online

If you prefer a physical copy to place in your binder or locker, simply download your class schedule as a high-quality PDF and print.

Maybe you want to share your schedule with your friends and loved ones. Go ahead and share it straight from Canva—you can share via email, send a link, or post to your Facebook or X (Twitter) account. You can even embed your design on your website or blog!


The best class schedules are created using unique templates, with plenty of freedom to customize your color scheme, fonts, images, text blocks and calendar days. They balance graphics with white space and allow plenty of room to write in details and notes.

The perfect class schedule is a balanced one. Space out your classes as much as possible to help new information sink in, plan ahead so you can divide your study time evenly, and be sure to schedule time for breaks.

Most digital calendars let you choose different colors for different days, tasks or assignments. Standard practice is to use red for urgent tasks, blue for less urgent tasks, grey for meetings, purple or pink for creative assignments and green for health-related activities.

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