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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your workload? Or are you struggling with a task feeling you should be working on another or simply making better use of your time? Create a visual map of your routine, so you know exactly what you should be doing, when you should be doing them. Using Canva’s free timetable maker, you can create custom timetables for every project, school term, or business you have. With professionally-made timetable templates to start with, you won’t be stuck with an old, boring timetable either.

Create Timetable Lead

Your time is your own

Many people struggle with finding or developing time management strategies that work for them. Oftentimes, it’s because they have unique needs or circumstances that don’t fit with the blanket solutions or generic suggestions you find online. A personalized timetable that’s based on your schedule, taking into account your needs, and presented in a way you like.

Do away with a boring spreadsheet you barely look at and make your own timetable that doesn’t just simply command you to study for five hours. With Canva’s nifty and intuitive timetable maker and fully customizable templates to choose from, you can more easily organize and structure your time in a way that works for you. Play around design elements from our rich media library and download it or order from Canva Print.

How to make a timetable

  1. Open Canva
    Launch Canva and search for “Timetable” to start a design project.
  2. Pick a timetable template
    Browse Canva’s catalog of ready-made, editable layouts. Filter and sort through colors, theme, and style, and select the design you like best. You can also start from scratch with a blank template.
  3. Personalize your schedule
    Input your schedule and make any customization based on your tasks and routines. Add or remove rows, columns, or blocks. Implement a color-coding system and add legends for shortcuts or repeated activities.
  4. Apply more design elements
    Personalize your timetable even more with images, backgrounds, font styles, icons, and vectors you can choose from our library. Resize and arrange them in your custom design to create a timetable suited to your taste.
  5. Download or print
    Once your design is good to go, you can download your timetable in various types, including PDF for printing and PNG for uploading online. You can also order from Canva Print and receive your timetable in exquisite prints.
Make a timetable

Stay on top of things

Timetables have a way of managing your time in a visual, tangible way. You can break down your tasks and projects into individual assignments and help you keep track of them in one glance. It simplifies how you prioritize work without getting overwhelmed or losing focus.

Canva’s online timetable maker lets you create a schedule that works for you with visually-engaging templates without overlooking every precious minute of your tasks. Create a weekly timetable and simply choose a theme and curate the styles and texts to break down your activities by the hour. Up to be creative with our aesthetic timetable maker? Tap designs like a clean, minimalist look for business projects or an abstract of shapes and sharp colors for your class or study timetable.

Have a good time designing

Any design idea for your timetable isn’t too far-fetched with a ready-made layout from our collection and an arsenal of tools to achieve one. Enjoy creating your timetable with our extensive library of design elements. Using our timetable maker, you can focus on the little details that make your timetable a unique visual treat from your other scheduler or planner.

Whatever format you decide to use, there’s a table, font, color, or graphics that can match your timetable. A quick search of what you need in our library will lead you to a background image, icon, or illustrations to adorn a timetable for a class, business operating hours, or project. Use any element right away and customize it easily. No hassle, no stress! Just a lovely time with our online timetable maker.

Your timesaving timetable creator

You might think that creating a custom timetable can be time-consuming. Worry not! Create as many timetables as you need for any goal and cause with our timetable maker. Simply plan out different aspects of your day-to-day or a specific project and you can plot them into a fully-designed timetable. Our beginner-friendly editor doesn’t let you kill time with mind-boggling functions. It’s free, intuitive, and collaborative!

You can even use our timetable creator to work with your study group or business team in real-time. Simultaneously make changes and leave comments as you form the best timetable for establishing a meal prep with your gym coach or balancing extracurricular activities for the school year. Then, download, print, or share your timetable straight from the editor.


Timetables can help you stay on top of your tasks or meet a goal as you create a visual map of your day (hours, weeks, or months), making time management easier to navigate. At a glance, it lets you know what needs to be done and when and how you could ideally be using your time. Whether you’re a student aiming to get on top of your studies or a worker delivering a project to your stakeholders, a timetable can be key to making the most out of your time.

You can make simple timetables on-the-go with our free timetable maker app. Download our iOS app on the App Store and log in to your account. Choose from our customizable timetable templates or start from scratch along with our extensive library of design elements. It’s saved automatically so you can make later adjustments or work on your timetable from your desktop or other devices and share it anywhere.

Create a study timetable online from our aesthetic timetable maker. Simply choose a layout, apply design elements from our library, and add your study schedule. Make a timetable that captures your study habits and drive with these tips in mind:
  • Look at your existing schedule and analyze if your goals still fit. Chances are you might need to reevaluate your routine and objectives for a fresh study timetable.
  • Pick a format that works for you. Some might want a printed timetable and others prefer a digital, shareable one. Both of these formats you can do from our free timetable creator.
  • When setting your schedule, add your classes and extracurricular activities in the equation. You’ll then see how you can pace your study sessions and free up some hours for rest and leisure.

A daily timetable helps you break down your activities by the hour or minute. You can create a timetable for this in different intervals and scope. Some would even go to create a weekly timetable and see how much chunk of tasks are figured into their daily routine. Follow some of these best practices to make your timetable:
  • Prepare a list of your daily activities. This will help you choose an interval, analyze how much time you spend for each, and categorize them into big or small tasks.
  • Use our timetable maker to create a visual map of your daily routine. Organize each task depending on interval or time spent. It would help to have symbols and color codes for each category.
  • Print or download your timetable and give it a go. From there, you can be flexible with it and configure based on your realizations and goals.
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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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