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Stand out as a content creator among the millions of channels on YouTube with a unique brand identity. Canva's free YouTube logo maker has all the tools and features to help you create a recognizable and polished logo. Convey the tone and content of your channel with a few easy clicks.

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Every successful YouTube channel has its distinct identity. The channel's name, video intros, editing style, and visual branding all come together to set you apart from everyone else. As you grow your channel within and beyond your niche topic, use your logo to become a recognizable face in the world of YouTube.

Make your own logo for YouTube through Canva to bring together the overall message of your channel and the type of audience you want to attract. Work with any of our free templates and use the thousands of free illustrations and icons to customize your design fully. Add shapes and gradients, and apply unique fonts that will stand out no matter the resolution of your logo. Use your logo even outside YouTube — from social media pages to merchandise.

How to make a YouTube logo

Make a YouTube logo

Launch Canva and search for “YouTube Logo” to begin your project.

Browse hundreds of customizable templates and find one that suits your niche category. Filter by color, or choose based on what resonates with you the most. You can also build an idea from scratch.

Bring the template closer to your channel’s branding by swapping the colors and fonts and personalizing the text.

Use other editing tools such as crop, resize, filter, and photo editing options. Browse the media library to swap the illustrations and icons. Add borders and shapes. Or upload your own files. Make it more dynamic with animations, too.

Save your project to your desktop in high-resolution image formats and upload it on your YouTube channel and across your social media pages.
Make a YouTube logo

Polished and recognizable branding

Provide consistency in all your brand assets when you create them with Canva. Start your logo project with a free customizable template, and it’ll present you with graphic elements and similar icons that will keep your design cohesive.

Use the free elements to cleanly and professionally bring together your channel's individuality. Whether you've opted to use unique typography, a creative symbol, or even your own uploaded headshot, Canva's logo maker for YouTube will help make your channel known across different online and offline spaces.

Get people to like, follow, and subscribe

Once you’ve determined what your channel is about, it will be much easier to convey it to your audience. Create an inviting YouTube logo that will get your target audience curious about your channel. With an eye-catching logo, you'll effectively introduce the tone and topic of your videos and get people clicking over to your page.

Head over to Canva’s media library and find various design elements with a quick search. Browse the extensive font library for a glamorous typeface of your channel name. Upload a creative headshot and apply filters or doodles to make it stand out. Colorize icons with bright, pleasant tones or add gradients to your logo for a 3D effect(opens in a new tab or window) to give your channel a futuristic look.

Use anywhere, everywhere

Your channel logo will not only be used on your profile page. It will appear as you comment on other videos and under related channels within your network. Outside YouTube, feature your logo on your social media pages, too. Canva's free logo maker for YouTube makes designing flexible for use anywhere. With a high-resolution format, your logo is scalable. Use bold and attractive elements to draw attention to your logo, from the smallest icon in the comments section to large-scale posters at the next YouTube convention. Opt for a transparent background, perfect for video overlays, and download a PNG file for your logo(opens in a new tab or window).

Use your logo to design mockups on Canva for your channel merchandise, such as t-shirts, pint glasses(opens in a new tab or window), and mugs. Keep a copy of your design for your business cards, letterheads, and more. With a Pro account, tie in your logo to your Brand Kit and create similar visual styles to the rest of your marketing materials.


Our YouTube logo maker uses the standard square canvas with an 800px x 800px size. Because YouTube's icons use a circular shape, keep all the important elements of your design away from the corners and closer to the center.

You can add your downloaded logo to your video editor and resize it as necessary. If you want to know how to add your logo to your published YouTube video, find YouTube Studio on your logged-in user account. Go to the Settings menu, select Channel, and click the Branding tab. Upload your YouTube logo as a video watermark and adjust its display time throughout your video.

If you're a budding creator or in the process of rebranding your channel, having a distinct and appealing logo will help you stand out from the many channels on YouTube. Just as any business needs cohesive branding, having a logo that ties in well with your content and video style is important and will strengthen your credibility.

Logos are generally kept simple, with an icon and a name, or just either of the two. Unless you are on a channel page, logos appear small on YouTube, so discern how much or little will be seen on the thumbnail. Keep your elements closely related to your channel's main category and style.

Using a transparent background will make your logo suitable for more uses, such as watermarks and print merchandise. To do this, save your YouTube logo as a PNG file with a transparent background. Click this option when you download your file.
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