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Stay updated on decisions and next steps by taking minutes of the meeting. Start from an easy meeting minutes template on Canva, then customize away. Whether online or face-to-face, our easy-to-use tools help you turn your meeting notes into professional-looking minutes in no time.

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Get everyone on the same page

From executive board meetings to school project discussions, taking meeting minutes(opens in a new tab or window) is a great way to document ideas, conversations, and action items. It gets everyone involved up to speed and on top of tasks and goals.

Writing minutes doesn't have to be a burden! With Canva Docs, you can create minutes of meeting online for free—no complicated software required.

Skip the standard minutes of meeting format. Explore our collection of beautifully designed meeting minute templates, then personalize them to fit your needs. Establish goals for the next sprint, follow up on the last meeting's agenda(opens in a new tab or window) items, or list voting outcomes for future reference. Canva's sample meeting minutes, beginner-friendly editing tools, and collaborative features make writing effective minutes a breeze.

How to write minutes of meeting

Make meeting minutes

Launch Canva and type "Meeting Minutes" on the search bar to start a new document.

Browse plenty of examples on Canva Docs to find a template you like. You can filter your search by style, format, theme, or color.

Start adding your meeting notes to your template. List down the names of attendees and specify if they’re guests, speakers, or non-voters. Identify the topics covered and put action items in a table chart, including deadlines and persons in charge. Include updates and announcements. Lastly, remember to add a title and the date and time of your meeting to let readers know what your document is about at a glance.

Customize your meeting minutes to match your brand or mood. Add icons to visually describe each section or replace existing elements with stickers and illustrations for a more aesthetic design. You can also upload your own logo and brand assets, include stock photos from our media library, and use colors and fonts to highlight key details and organize your content.

Save your Canva Doc to your device in high-quality PDF format or share it instantly with your email list. Need more input? Invite your team to edit and comment directly on your document by generating a shareable link.
Make meeting minutes

Capture key decisions and actions

Meetings are vital in keeping your team in sync and your project running smoothly. They allow you to get insights from various people and make better decisions. But what happens if you can't recall what happened in the meeting? Or don't know who said what or when? When you create minutes of the meeting, you can rest easy knowing there's a tangible record of the ideas raised and decisions made.

Get started with a meeting minutes example on Canva and have free rein to modify and make it your own, from altering colors and fonts to rearranging elements to uploading your brand logo. Track tasks leading up to your launch, reiterate action items to those assigned, and take note of updates during your project check-in meeting. Whether it’s a formal sales strategy or a simple club event proposal(opens in a new tab or window), writing clear and visually compelling minutes for the meeting is easy using Canva Docs.

Bring a stylish take to your documents

Tired of stale, boring documents? Put a creative spin on your minutes and make your stats and words visually appealing. Add icons and graphics for more visual flavor, inject fun into your design with a cute font, or choose a bright color palette to make your drab doc come to life. Our user-friendly editor allows you to be gloriously creative, so feel free to think outside the box.

There's no need to stick to a purely professional minutes of meeting format. The beauty of Canva Docs is that it transforms ordinary text files into inspiring, dynamic content, like Word to PDF(opens in a new tab or window). Explore our growing library to choose a minutes of meeting sample, then design it your way—complete with striking visuals, custom graphs(opens in a new tab or window), and other rich elements that bring your message across.

Sharing is caring

Finished polishing your minutes of the meeting? It doesn't stop there. Our powerful and collaborative Docs feature allows you to share your work in plenty of ways. Share your document as a branded link or convert it to a presentation(opens in a new tab or window) in one click. You can jump in at any time and edit as needed—set viewing or editing permissions, tag users in the comments to assign action items, and track each change with colorful cursors. Seamlessly work with your team in real-time on Canva.

Minutes of meetings are meant to be shared. With all details and information kept in one document, your team can access one system of record and stay on top of things as the project moves along. Whether for a marketing campaign, a financial forecast, or simply a plan for your local community activity, meeting minutes made on Canva Docs empower you to run meetings seamlessly and ensure you have all the information at your fingertips.


The minutes of a meeting, or meeting minutes, are a record of what happened during a meeting. It typically includes the names of participants, topics and issues discussed, decisions made, and other relevant information. Meeting minutes are extremely useful in ensuring everyone is on the same page about the project's next steps. It also helps non-attendees stay up-to-date with outcomes and takeaways from the meeting.

Taking meeting minutes is a great way to ensure that a meeting runs smoothly and productively. Here's how to do it:
  1. Make sure you have everything you need before the meeting, so that when it's time to take notes, you’ll focus on what's being said and not on your pen or device.
  2. Write down information neatly. Break items into separate sentences, so they’re easier to skim through later.
  3. Include essential items. Remember to record the meeting's date, time, attendees, and location.
  4. Stick to facts. Focus on capturing the main points of each speaker's comment, along with any action items or decisions.
  5. Use the correct format. You can follow the standard minutes of meeting sample format or customize a template according to your content requirements.

A good minutes of meeting have these qualities:
  • Clear and concise. Good meeting minutes are straightforward and capture the important points, without deviating from facts.
  • Accurate and up-to-date. Your meeting minutes should provide enough information, so that those who weren't at the meeting can understand the main points and decisions.
  • Timely. After each meeting, minutes should be distributed as soon as possible to inspire action and hold people accountable for specific action items.

The secretary usually takes minutes for official meetings held by private companies, non-profits, schools, and government organizations. However, all meeting participants can capture and share minutes. It's best practice to assign a note-taker before the meeting, but the responsibility defaults to the meeting owner if no one’s assigned.

Here are some things you should avoid when writing meeting minutes:
  • Personal comments and observations. Let’s keep things neutral.
  • Direct quotes or transcripts. Meeting minutes should be succinct, summarizing the main points and outcomes.
  • Acronyms, abbreviations, and slang. Minutes should be easy to read.
  • Sentences in different tenses. When taking meeting minutes, use the past tense. Switching tenses disturbs the flow of your document and confuses readers.
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