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Transform your .doc or docx files into shareable, accessible, and print-ready PDFs in a few clicks. Use our free Word to PDF converter to preserve text formatting, save storage space, and make document management a breeze.

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How to convert Word to PDF

Create shareable PDFs instantly

Share your MS Word converted PDF file

Say goodbye to compatibility issues and confidently share your documents with various devices and operating systems. With our free MS Word to PDF converter, you’ll convert Word files to PDF documents in a jiffy. Make your files easier to store, share, compress, print, and protect. Convert all kinds of .doc and .docx files, from data-heavy business proposals(opens in a new tab or window) to multi-page school essays to meal plans with lots of photos.

Change DOC to PDF to preserve formatting

Convert your Doc file to PDF

Our online Word to PDF tool seamlessly transforms your files into easily scannable PDF documents, so that you can preserve all formatting styles, including fonts, line spacing, page numbers, and indentations. Share professional-looking PDFs effortlessly via email and other platforms, ensuring that the content remains intact, legible, and visually appealing to readers, no matter their device.

Make last-minute changes easily

Edit and convert your MS Word file to PDF

When you convert Word to PDF using our online tool, you can revise your files before conversion. Quickly fill out forms, resolve formatting issues, and fix any errors. Breathe life into your document by adding captivating images or changing the font colors into your brand colors. Leverage the power of data visualization tools and add charts, tables, and graphs. Our intuitive drag-and-drop document editor(opens in a new tab or window) allows you to edit directly, so you can improve the document before downloading it in its final, uneditable form.

How to convert Word to PDF

How to convert Word to PDF

Open Canva on your web browser or our mobile app to access our free Word to PDF converter.

Upload the .doc or .docx file you want to convert to a PDF.

Before converting, you can fix errors in the text, change the font, adjust the spacing, and more. Our document editor also lets you add and edit images, graphs, and charts.

Click Share on the upper right corner. Select Download and choose from different file sizes: A4, legal, letter, etc. Your document will then be downloaded as a PDF.

Use your newly converted PDF in multiple ways. Print it out, share it by attaching it to emails, or store it in your device or cloud folders.

Frequently Asked Questions

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It’s a widely used file format that works seamlessly on all devices and operating systems. When you convert a Word file to PDF, the resulting file retains the appearance of the original, whether it’s viewed from a Mac or a Windows computer. That’s because PDF files preserve the original document's formatting, fonts, images, and layout to ensure readability.

Effortlessly convert Word files to PDF with our user-friendly online converter. Just upload or drag and drop your .doc or .docx file, and our tool will convert it to PDF in seconds. Your document is now ready to be shared or printed. You can also change Word files to PDF using our mobile app.

A DOC file is an older format used by Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier. On the other hand, DOCX is the latest version compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 onwards. The most notable difference between the two formats is that DOCX files are generally smaller, easier to transfer, and work better with other software. Both files can be uploaded to our Word to PDF converter.
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@canva is an incredible app for designing pretty much anything you need! A huge selection of templates, fonts and colours; endless choices at the tip of your fingers; easy editing and sending/sharing. Best app I’ve used for a long time. If you haven’t tried it... try it!


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