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Create a complete line of merchandise from the first phase until the last. With Canva, you have all the tools you need to design branded products for any style and industry. Make your own merch and get your business stamped on mugs, hoodies, pillows, tote bags, and more—all under one design roof.

Create Merchandise Lead

All your branded goods in one place

Whether you want your most ardent supporters to don your logo or you’re planning a corporate giveaway, Canva’s merchandise maker makes it easy to create branded products from start to finish.

Customize a design from a product template, or upload your own graphic onto any printable design. Generate previews of your design using mockups, and send your finished projects to Canva Print. Canva’s handy tools and features will help you create an array of products that suits any business, occasion, and purpose.

How to make merch

  1. Start inspired
    Launch Canva to access our custom merchandise maker. Click Print Products from the search bar. Find your preferred product type under the different print categories.
  2. Select a design
    Choose a template to customize by filtering your search by color, theme, or style. Alternatively, you can begin your design with a blank template.
  3. Personalize your merch
    Upload your brand logo or browse our media library for a large selection of images and illustrations to use. You can also switch up the colors and fonts or add your own text.
  4. Inject some flair
    Enhance your images and readjust the elements for a seamless look. You can also include frames, borders, and shapes to finish it off.
  5. Print your merch
    Click the Print button to send your design to Canva Print, which offers affordable and professional printing options. Or download your design to use on your next merch project.
Make merchandise

Stylish branding across a range of products

Gone are the days when branded freebies were tacky and tossed aside. With Canva’s custom merch maker, you can create custom products that are cool, stylish, and usable by your loyal partners and supporters. Explore your brand’s unique identity with a creative design, and apply it seamlessly across all your printable products.

With a wide range of template categories, you can create multiple types of merchandise for your brand. Customize your design layout and choose where you want it printed: clothing, mugs, stickers, and more. You can create merchandise with distinct yet consistent branding across all your products in just a few clicks.

Mockups to get the perfect finish

A lot of trial and error goes into product design. As you create your own merchandise, you can skip unnecessary production costs with Canva’s mockup generator. Preview how your customized design would appear on a sample merch before making your final edits. Or test your design across different product types.

Simply browse a selection of Smartmockups to apply. With your design superimposed on stock photos, you can instantly see what your new line of merch would look like. Get your online supporters excited about your fresh batch of products when you share your mockups on social media. Or get the thumbs up from your bosses when they preview your excellent design.

Merch done with purpose, every step of the way

Make your own merch from concept to production without being a design pro. Canva’s editable templates and intuitive tools will make your experience quick and easy, no matter your background. It’s the one-stop design platform from creating a draft to sending it for printing.

With Canva, your merchandise can also be affordable and sustainable. The designs you create using our free merch maker can be sent to Canva Print within seconds. We’ll print your branded merchandise on sustainable, eco-conscious materials and ship them to your doorstep at a competitive rate.


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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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