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Craft a stunning vision board for every area of your life — from health and career to relationships. Drag and drop images, quotes, affirmations, and other vision board ideas to create a design that will inspire and motivate.

Create Vision Boards Lead

Visualize your goals and dreams

Set yourself up for success with a dream board that actually works. Canva’s vision board maker makes designing straightforward and easy, with a massive library of editable templates and design elements. Create a vision board that represents your life goals—whether it’s earning your first million, getting in shape, or traveling to your dream destination.

Start designing from a pre-made template or a blank layout. Customize endlessly with thousands of free graphics, vectors, illustrations, icons, and other elements. Download and print your inspiration board, then display it on your bedroom wall. Or save it to your device and set it as your background wallpaper.

How to create a vision board

Make a vision board

Launch Canva and search for “Vision Board” to kickstart your design.

Explore our gallery of ready-made layouts to find a design that matches your theme or motif. You can also click File then Create new design to start a new project from scratch.

Replace the template’s images for your own via the Uploads tab, or grab a few stock images from Canva’s library. Drag and drop them onto your design and adjust their placement.

Personalize your vision board however you want. Mix and match different colors and fonts. Use grids and frames to add structure. You can also include stylish effects and animations to make your digital vision board come alive.

Download your design for print and display, or set your virtual vision board on your phone or computer backdrop. If you’re comfortable with the idea, you can even share it on your social accounts, so your close friends can be in on your goals.
Make a vision board

See a vision for every life aspect

Set your dreams into motion with a gorgeous vision board. Sometimes known as a personal goal board, it’s a terrific way to envision your ideal life and make it happen. Put together boards for every life goal—from owning a home and getting a promotion to starting the business of your dreams.

Browse through our gallery's many vision board examples, then choose a template that fits your mood or color palette. Upload images that symbolize your dream job or ideal home, then change the placeholder text with motivating words or your personal mantra. Designing your own goal board is simple and fuss-free with our easy-to-use editing tools. You can also seamlessly integrate your aspirations into reality with Canva Whiteboards, perfect for creating personalized floor plans(opens in a new tab or window) and house plans(opens in a new tab or window) effortlessly.

Get inspired with better imagery

Ran out of your own pictures for your vision board? No worries. Access millions of free stock images from Canva’s massive library and add them to your design project. Simply type a keyword in the search bar, then scroll through a collection of high-quality vision board pictures and images.

Find stock photos to represent any goal or dream imaginable. Think sandy beaches, cute puppies, happy couples, anything under the sun! You can even use Canva’s Magic Recommendations, which shows you similar images to the last one you chose. The right images can make or break a vision board, so choose photos that truly resonate with you.

Bring your vision to life

Once your board is ready, decide whether you want a print or digital version. Download your design as a high-quality JPG, PNG, or PDF file, then print it on your paper of choice. Display your board somewhere easily viewable, like your wall or desk, to keep track of your progress.

If you’ve decided on a virtual vision board, attach your design to your email, then send it to your personal address. Open and save it to your computer or smartphone’s gallery. Then set it as your lock screen or home screen. Whether you go print or digital, having your vision board visible can help remind you that you’ve got what it takes to hit your #goals.


A vision board is generally a collage of images and words representing your dreams and goals. Also known as an inspiration board or manifestation board, it’s a fantastic way to organize what you want to achieve in the future while inspiring you to take action. You can use vision boards for your short-term and long-term goals in life.

The possibilities are endless when deciding what to put on your vision board. What’s important is that each item you put on your board aligns with your goals and values in life. You can create a vision board online with:
  • your favorite motivational quotes and sayings,
  • aspirational photos from your personal collection or stock images, and
  • decorative stickers, illustrations, icons, scribbles to highlight or emphasize your goals.

A vision board aims to help you visualize your goals and aspirations in life. By adding meaningful photos, images, and text into one frame, you can clarify what you want and focus on what you need to do to get them. The first step to making a goal-setting vision board is to figure out what’s most important to you, then start designing from there.
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