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Showcase your pictures in a clear, creative, and cohesive way. Organize your visual portfolio of products or images with our photo grid maker. Use our free, customizable grid templates to leave an impression on your target audience.

Create Photo Grid Lead

Refine your visual storytelling

Whether you’re a creative professional looking for big-ticket commissions or an independent business owner dreaming of expansion, a distinct brand is key to growth. Craft a clean and appealing presentation of your products and artwork using Canva’s free grid photo maker. Creative and easily customizable, our photo grid templates help you design elegant layouts for a portfolio, lookbook, catalog, ad, promotional email, newsletter, and more.

Watch your website and social media accounts look more polished and dynamic once you share your personalized photo grid with the world.

How to make a photo grid

Create an online photo grid

Launch Canva and search for “Photo grid” to begin.

Explore our photo grid templates, which feature a variety of designs, motifs, and color palettes. Filter your search further by style, theme, or color.

Upload your images to our photo grid maker. Drag and drop the pictures to each square on the template. Enhance your photos by adjusting the size, cropping, and applying filters and photo effects.

Personalize the details of your photo grid by adding text, applying a new font, or changing the color. Add subtle flourishes like borders and lines from our media library.

Save and download your final design in high-resolution JPG or PNG format.
Create an online photo grid

Showcase your body of work effectively

Present your skills and products in the best light through an orderly photo grid. Featuring angular and consistent dimensions, this kind of photo collage gives viewers a clear overview of what you offer. The clean presentation lets viewers focus on the pictures without distracting elements and overwhelming details.

Our photo grid maker guides you in creating a polished composition of images. By using any of our free, ready-made templates, you’ll easily create an online photo grid that fits your branding and visual identity. Find the right color palette, theme, and style in our template gallery and make a photo grid that you’ll be proud to showcase to anyone.

A visual story to captivate your audience

In a saturated market, it’s not enough for products to be good; they have to be memorable and recognizable, too. So make a photo grid that will do the visual storytelling work for you. Our photo grid maker helps you arrange your images in a way that tells the story of your brand.

Apart from providing you with easy-to-edit layouts, our templates help you build a cohesive narrative flow from image to image. Arrange, resize, and crop photos to create dynamic tension. Alternate between pictures of details, wide shots, and those with plenty of negative space. Use filters to enhance the photos, blur backgrounds(opens in a new tab or window) or adjust the color saturation of each image. You can even fill a grid square with a block of color from your palette for a simple but striking effect.

Take control of the details

When you create an online photo grid, it doesn’t have to be a bare collection of images. Layer elements that help tell your brand’s story better. Add short bits of text within or across select squares. Follow any of our suggested font combinations or experiment with your choice of font style and color pairings. Look through our media library for understated details, like lines and icons, that you can incorporate into the layout.

You can access all of these design possibilities with a free Canva account, but you can unlock even more when you go Pro. Explore more templates, discover more font styles, and find more graphics you can use not only when making photo grids, but every design project on Canva.


Download our mobile app from the App Store, so you can create and edit photo grids online for free, anytime and anywhere. On the app, search “Photo grid” and select a template. Upload your images, add them to the grid template, and customize the entire layout. Once you’re done, download or share your photo grid online.

Search for “Photo grid,” and tick the Facebook Post filter on the left-hand panel. Choose a template to make a photo grid post for Facebook. Upload your images, add them to the grid, then customize the template. Save and download your finished photo grid. If you’re on Pro, you can turn the project into a Facebook cover. Just click Resize and customize the dimensions to 820 x 312 pixels.

Search for “Photo grid,” and click the Instagram Post filter on the left-hand panel. Choose an IG template, upload your images, and add them to the grid. After applying final touches, share your photo grid directly to Instagram.
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