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Swiftly let your loved ones know where you’re going by designing a change of address card with Canva. With so many attractive layouts, who knows? You might even garner a few housewarming gifts!

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Design a change of address card to celebrate your new home

Moving can be a headache. Packing boxes, moving Aunt Tilly’s antique china cabinet, shutting off utilities, and of course letting all the important people in your life know you’re moving. Never fear, Canva is here to help!

Take some of the moving stress away by making a memorable change of address card using our easy-to-use tools and stylish layouts. Share the news of your big move by making a card that’s heartfelt, fun, or anywhere in between — you’ll never have to worry about Aunt Tilly’s undelivered Christmas cookies again.

Create your own change of address card faster than waiting in line at the post office

Open a New Change of Address Card Design

Create a new Canva account to get started with your own Change of Address design.

Choose from our library of professional graphic design elements such as banners, icons, frames and more.

Upload your own photos or choose from over 1 million stock images.

Fix your images, add stunning filters and edit text.

Save and share.

Open a New Change of Address Card Design

Design your card online with Canva so you don’t lose it in the move

With Canva, you won’t even have to worry about remembering which flash drive your designs are on: we save everything to the cloud! You can access your designs online anywhere, or try out our free apps for both iOS and Android devices so you can carry around a design workstation in your handbag or backpack.

Upload custom photographs to show off your new home

The first thing your friends will want to see is pictures of your new home! Canva makes it easy to add your own photos to any of our awesome layouts. Simply upload your photos and drag them right into your change of address card. We’ll even help you crop, edit, and filter your photos for a hip, modern look.

Is your change of address card missing something? Search our vast collection of over 1 million stock photos and design elements to enhance your change of address card with borders(opens in a new tab or window), swirls, and other tasteful adornments. With plenty of pictures available for free and premium images offered at a very competitive price, you can make your new home look great even before the furniture arrives!

Let your loved ones know you’ve moved without the fuss

When you’re done designing and all moved in, Canva can help you send out your change of address cards too. Copy your whole address book into our “Share” feature and all your friends and business associates will get your card in their inbox. If you want to let the whole world know you can even post the news of your move to Facebook, X (Twitter), or any other social media platform.

Would you like to start getting letters at your new address? Get the ball rolling and mail your change of address cards out the old-fashioned way! Canva designs all look great in print, and with just a few clicks you can have a high-quality PDF ready to print and mail.

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