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Create certificates for every award under the sun with Canva’s free drag and drop certificate maker.

How to make a certificate - Canva

Design certificates your awardees will be proud to show off

Give people the recognition they deserve with a professionally-designed certificate from Canva. Whether you’re awarding an employee for their loyalty and service or acknowledging a speaker who has imparted their expertise during a talk, give them a beautifully designed certificate to remember.

With Canva’s wide selection of templates and easy-to-use drag and drop certificate generator, you can come up with the certificate you need in minutes, no design experience needed! Add high-quality images and illustrations, choose from over a hundred fonts and customize colors in a few clicks.

How to make a certificate

Create a certificate

Launch Canva and search for "Certificates" to start making your own certificates.

Browse different styles and themes of certificate designs for your needs. From certificates of recognition to completion certificates and more, simply select the layout you want and start customizing.

Get your certificates looking exactly how you want it by using our easy drag-and-drop design tools. Change the text, colors, fonts and backgrounds with just a few clicks.

Explore our image and graphics library filled with millions of photos, icons, illustrations and vectors to use on your design. Add more frames and text boxes to your layout.

Order high-quality prints of your certificates through Canva Print and enjoy free shipping. Or, save your design as a PDF, JPG or PNG file.

Create a certificate

Choose from an amazing library of certificate template

By using Canva, you won’t have to start your design from scratch. Canva’s amazing designers have come up with over a hundred certificate templates you can use and re-use for free. Browse through the selection to find the right one you need like Certificates of Recognition, Attendance, Course Completion, Achievement, and Diplomas. Create Award Certificates for contests or simply for fun — with Canva you have everything you need to design right at your fingertips.

Be your own designer or design with your team

With Canva’s certificate maker, you won’t need to hire a designer just to create your Certificates. Canva’s design tools are easy to use and were specially made with non-designers in mind. Simply search for the elements and images you need and drop them into the design. Create awesome text combinations by using Canva’s text holder and choosing among more than a hundred beautiful fonts. Customize colors with the color palette tool, and add backgrounds by choosing from various images, textures, and patterns. You can also easily invite members to collaborate on your designs together in real-time. Write messages, personalize certificates, and create a beautiful certificate, together.

Save and print your certificate in high resolution

Download and produce high-resolution certificates by saving them as print-ready PDF files. Your designs can even be shared on social media or sent via email directly to your awardees. Just head over to the share button and select the option you want.


Most certificate awards are 8.5 x 11 in, the size of a standard piece of paper. You may also choose to design a certificate award that is 8.5 x 14, 11 x 14 or 11 x 17 in, which are also popular sizes. Landscape is the most popular orientation.

Award certificates typically include:

  • An image or theme
  • A title
  • A presentation line
  • The name of the recipient
  • The name of the person or organization giving the award
  • A description of how the award was earned
  • A date
  • A signature.

The names on most certificates appear as full first name, middle initial, and full last name. If a recipient goes by their middle name instead of their first name, you can spell out the middle name and keep the first name as an initial.

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