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Share, present, and print documents(opens in a new tab or window) hassle-free across different devices and operating systems with Canva’s free PDF maker. Use our free PDF maker to create and save various projects as PDF files. Plus, include as much information as you need in your documents without compromising the file quality.

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When creating a report for the office or school, you want your work to be as comprehensive and credible as possible. Show off your knowledge and expertise confidently without worrying about your report’s file size and software compatibility. Use Canva’s free PDF maker to create, translate(opens in a new tab or window), and add a professional polish to your presentation. Supplement your data with images, graphics, and other kinds of content presented in an appealing layout. Compress your document(opens in a new tab or window) into a shareable size without compromising its quality. Open your PDF file on any device and view it the way you originally formatted it.

How to make a PDF file

Make a PDF

Open Canva and search for the template you need to use to create your document or design.

Browse through our template collections based on the document you need to make. Filter your search by theme, style, and color.

Replace the sample text with the right content and select the font styles and colors that fit your document’s design and purpose best. Upload the graphics you plan to use on Canva and drag and drop them onto the layout. Explore the media library for other visual elements you can use such as stock images and vectors.

Use our intuitive editing tools to fix the sizes and placements of the layout’s contents. Modify the color palette too if you wish with the help of the color guide information shown on the Canva editing platform.

Once you’re finished editing, click “Share” on the toolbar then select “Download.” Click “PDF Standard” to save your document or “PDF Print” if you plan to print it.
Make a PDF

Create data-driven PDF reports with ease

Whether you are a professional or a student, you want your presentations to be accurate and trustworthy. Let your research and analysis skills shine by detailing your findings comprehensively. Outline your points and analysis effectively with as much data as you need. Include images, graphics, links, spreadsheets, video, and even audio that would support your arguments and conclusions.

As substantial as your reports are, you can still keep your presentation files compact and easier to manage. Make PDF files from your documents using Canva’s PDF maker to save storage space. Doing this will allow you to handle huge amounts of data in your documents without compromising their quality. You can also delete pages from your PDF(opens in a new tab or window) to remove outdated or unnecessary PDF pages, keeping your files precise and updated.

Got existing references saved as PDF files? Fret not! Our free PDF editor(opens in a new tab or window) lets you conveniently import any existing PDF files and edit, convert Word to PDF(opens in a new tab or window) or translate(opens in a new tab or window) them straight away on Canva.

Elevate your documents with great design

Even the most straightforward reports can benefit from having a great layout. Not only would a smart design break up blocks of text but it would also help maintain your audience’s interest. Plus, it’s a subtle way of imparting more information.

Add graphics, pictures, 3D images, and more to your document to make its content more impactful. Use effective typography by using complementary fonts for different sections. Design your presentation the best way you can and make it a PDF file to maintain the integrity of its different components.

Canva’s wide selection of templates offers you different layouts for any type of presentation you need to make. Select one to customize and use our handy editing tools and media library to make your document more visually compelling. Our PDF maker can save your work the way you designed it. It also makes your file shareable and viewable across different devices and operating systems.

Create accessible and secure PDFs

For documents containing sensitive information, such as contracts and business transactions, security is key in maintaining their integrity. Avoid the risk of having their contents modified by unauthorized people. Make them PDF files instead.

Use our PDF maker to create, convert PDF to PNG(opens in a new tab or window), and save your files and protect them from further edits or erasures. You can even assign a password to them to ensure that only those who are meant to receive and open your files can do so.


A PDF or a “portable document format” is a versatile file format created in 1991 by Adobe co-founder Dr. John Warnock that allows you to save files that you don’t want to be edited but also need to share and/or print. A PDF file can contain links, buttons, images, and even audio and video, and it can be viewed on any device and operating system. This format is now an open standard and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Double-click or right-click the PDF file you want to open and select the “Open” option. You can also go with the “Open with” option to choose the program you want to use to view the contents of the file. Adobe developed its free reader software to view PDF files but most operating systems have built-in programs that can also open PDF documents.

Select a customizable template on Canva and create a document. Once you’re finished making it, save and download it as a PDF file.
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