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Make conversation starter memes and reactions with Canva's WhatsApp sticker maker. Begin your sticker creation journey on our online editor; no need to download a separate app or sign up for a new account. Creating stickers that'll express your feelings and thoughts beyond texts is quicker, easier, and more fun with Canva.

WhatsApp Stickers Lead

Share custom stickers in your group chats

Settling into a casual conversation is more effortless when chatting with friends and family. You're more than encouraged to turn up the fun aside from having the freedom to talk about all topics under the sun. Bring that vibe into your everyday conversation by sprinkling quirky emojis, memes, and reactions in colorful stickers.

Instead of using pre-made stickers that come in handy with the app, why not personalize ones that your loved ones can exhaust in your conversations using our sticker creator for WhatsApp? Got an inside joke? Have a friend or family who has a wide range of facial expressions? Include them in your stickers using our intuitive design dashboard with the elements from our extensive graphic library.

How to make WhatsApp stickers

  1. Launch Canva
    Open Canva and search "WhatsApp stickers" to start your project.
  2. Explore templates
    Browse our ready-made layouts and filter your search according to color, theme, or style. You can use them as inspiration when you choose to start from scratch.
  3. Customize your design
    Have your loved ones' photos ready for uploading. Drag and drop them to the dashboard and set it into your layout. Play around with fun graphic elements like fonts, colors, icons, vectors, and more from our extensive library.
  4. Collaborate with friends and family
    The more, the merrier. Bond with your chatmates by creating personalized WhatsApp stickers together. Make them co-collaborators by sending them a link to your design dashboard so they can apply changes like filters, effects, and more.
  5. Share with family and friends.
    Use your custom stickers in your WhatsApp conversations. Download them in high-resolution, transparent PNG and upload them directly to WhatsApp to send them as instant replies.
Make a WhatsApp sticker

Your personality in every reply

Make multiple sets of cute and fun reactions to fill up your inbox with our sticker maker for WhatsApp. Design a pack with your money-shot, meme-worthy candids that can perfectly pass as your group’s inside lingo. Generate them individually or, even better, juggle each sticker design simultaneously and achieve a seamless but unique look.

Canva’s WhatsApp sticker creator lets you pick from our collection of templates to get you started with our ready-made layouts. Make a set for your well-known wit or your memorable body language. Your personalized stickers will get to the proper conversation, whether for surprising news or an unhappy one. Find ideas among our modern to whimsical selections to go with your photos or texts.

No filter reactions with perfect photo filters

Express yourself with your own WhatsApp stickers and treat them as an extension of your everyday reactions. Got thrilled about a friend’s winning moment? Excited about a weekend getaway? Or sad about a disappointing message? Match your stickers with filters and effects that capture any mood.

Our intuitive design dashboard comes with an extensive built-in photo editor. Easily change sizes or crop photos and conveniently brighten and enhance images you've uploaded right where you're designing your custom stickers for WhatsApp. Play with filters like Epic, Festive, ColorMix, Duotone, etc. With Canva Pro, you can even use our Background Remover, so priceless facial reactions are the main focus.

Add notable quips and doodles

Stickers can be as simple as a wacky facial expression, or you can add your spin to it. You can add backgrounds, frames, vectors, illustrations, and our favorite, doodles and your loved ones' quips or jokes in speech bubbles. There's nothing better than having the speaker answer or react on your behalf with the unique language your friends or family use. Our extensive library will help you craft a quirky way to say yes or express how you are LOL-ing from a funny punchline.


Create stickers for WhatsApp out of your favorite videos. Start lifting a frame from a scene and screenshot it from your phone or desktop. Upload the photo to your layout and tinker it with texts, filters, icons, and vectors from our rich elements library. Do the same for other clips that you have to create a sticker pack you can download in PNG and upload to WhatsApp.

Ideally, your custom WhatsApp stickers have to be 512 × 512 pixels. Suppose you're not savvy with measuring tools, no worries. Our blank canvas is pre-set to the perfect size for uploading. And just in case you upload bigger and smaller elements, you can easily resize them with our premium Magic Resize.

Have your personalized designs ready from our WhatsApp sticker maker. Download your stickers in PNG format, ideally in transparent backgrounds. Go to a WhatsApp conversation and tap on the sticker icon to upload a pack. Ensure that you have at least three stickers, so WhatsApp considers it as such, then label them accordingly to differentiate them from one another.
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