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Create dynamic slideshow videos on the go. With Canva’s online picture video maker, you can easily edit a video using photos and images for free, no software installation or editing know-how required.

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Create videos from photos for any platform

Canva’s photo video maker allows you to edit your videos effortlessly and seamlessly — whether or not you have any video editing know-how. With our intuitive drag-and-drop tools, video timeline editing function, and comprehensive library of media elements, you can easily craft a dynamic video for any use or occasion.

Begin your video editing(opens in a new tab or window) task by finding inspiration from our editable photo video templates. Whether you’re creating an Instagram video reel for your brand, a news intro(opens in a new tab or window) clip, a training video for internal company use, or a personal video greeting for a loved one, Canva has ready-made templates ready for you to customize. If you’ve got a concept at hand, you can simply start from scratch and edit away on our photo video maker or use our AI video editor(opens in a new tab or window). Download your video in high-res mp4 or post directly onto your socials, website, or blog without leaving our dashboard.

How to make a photo video

Create a photo video

Open Canva and type “picture videos” or “photo videos” on the search bar. Choose which format you’re creating your video for so you’ll find the template with the right aspect ratio.

Narrow down your search with ready-made templates by category, style, theme. If you have a concept in mind, you can start with a blank template.

Make the template yours. Browse our library for logos, colors, fonts, and other graphic elements to make your video dynamic. Use our font combinations and color palette generator. Upload your own assets and drag-and-drop them onto your template with ease.

Add audio to your picture video to make it even more moving. Choose from prelicensed stock audio or upload your own. Apply transitions and effects to each page or a single element.

Preview your photo video. Then download it in high-quality mp4. Post it on your social media, blog, or website straight from our dashboard.
Create a photo video

Make picture videos for fun or for work

Creating content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok? Canva has templates ready made to fit these platforms. Want to repurpose your video for all online formats? With Magic Switch on Canva Pro, you can craft one video and resize it to look good on any platform.

Making training videos or educational content? Canva has beginner-friendly templates for these categories as well. A quick tip: upload your brand logo or school logo on each page of your picture video to keep it professional. Haven’t got one? Create one with Canva’s logo maker.

Add your stamp on your video content

Easily make your photo video exciting and compelling even if you have no video editing background. Use Canva’s photo video maker online and get quick access to our library of free media elements. Spruce up each clip with graphic illustrations and stickers(opens in a new tab or window). Add helpful text(opens in a new tab or window) and captions in easy-to-read fonts from our selection. You can also use our online AI portrait generator tool(opens in a new tab or window) to create stunning portraits to include in your videos in seconds

You can also upload your own assets and drag and drop them onto your video. Is your photo video missing a little something? Animate the page or the elements, or beef up your footage with stock images(opens in a new tab or window), videos(opens in a new tab or window), and sounds from our library. Plus, add page and element transitions to tell a consistent story with your pictures.

Edit videos wherever inspiration strikes

Canva’s picture video maker is with you wherever you go. You can access Canva’s video editing platform via desktop, or download the Canva app on your Android or Apple device. Craft and share your video compilation(opens in a new tab or window) whenever, wherever with a mobile device, laptop, or tablet.


If you’re looking to create a video that’s more dynamic, eye-catching, and creative, use our beginner-friendly video editing platform. With a click, you can upload all the photos you want to include in your video, then drag and drop them onto your video draft with ease.
If you’re creating a slideshow video, you can also use the free video maker on your phone or tablet app. Compile all your best videos, upload it onto the app, and create your slideshow.

To make a picture video with music for free, you first have to make sure that you’re allowed to use your music clip without infringing on copyright. Search for royalty-free music online or download royalty-free music on our dashboard. With our video editing dashboard, you can access our gallery of stock audio clips you can use in an instant. Then, drag and drop the audio clip into your video timeline and add effects and transitions.

You can easily do this if you’re editing your photo video on our editing bay. On the left-hand side of the page, you will find the Text button. Click on that then choose if you’re adding a heading, subheading, or body text. For font combos, browse our selection directly below that and simply click on your option.
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