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Canva’s marketing video maker helps you create and edit demo videos, testimonials, and other marketing videos for the most popular other social media platforms, including Facebook video ads(opens in a new tab or window), YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Anyone—from beginners to seasoned creators—can make a compelling marketing video, or cartoon video for free, within minutes.

How to make marketing videos

Master marketing videos in a snap

Marketing videos are an awesome way to get your business, product, or service out into the world. Between videos and static images, videos get more engagement. They’re the best way to market your products.

With Canva’s marketing video maker, you’ll produce engaging videos that turn viewers into paying customers. With hundreds of free video templates, you’ll find a slick design that will keep people watching. The simple drag-and-drop surface makes the entire video editing process fun and easy. Your videos will create a buzz and ultimately, sell well.

How to make a marketing video

How to make marketing videos
Create your marketing video

Open Canva or launch the app. You don’t have to log in to make a marketing video. Whether you’re selling a product or building engagement, choose a template that suits your video marketing strategy.

Upload your footage or create an animated video from scratch using Canva's free video graphics and images. Upload product photos you’ll need for your video. Easy to use drag-and-drop tools allow you to customize the colors, text, and other design elements. You can also crop and trim your videos according to your liking

Short, concise text works best with marketing videos. Try using supers (statements about 3-5 words long). Keep the narrative simple so it’s easy to follow. You can add a voiceover to describe your products using the best AI voice generator.

Polish your video with tracks from Canva’s free music library, transitions, or illustrations. Move, resize, and customize these elements as needed.

Go over the entire video to ensure everything’s correct. Then, download your video or share it directly to your social media pages.

Create your marketing video

Beautiful marketing videos to engage your audience

The first few seconds of your marketing video are the most important—that’s when viewers decide if they’ll keep watching. So using Canva’s marketing video maker app, open the video with a question or powerful statement (called a “hook”). Create impressive typography for your marketing videos. Make compelling font combinations from hundreds of free fonts. Keep the message short and sweet; focus on two or three key points. Add live-action stock footage or animated scenes that align with your video marketing campaign.

Put your viewers first

Marketing videos go beyond broadcast; they spark conversations. So when you create videos, drop the one-sided approach of talking solely about your business. Instead, tell your viewers what your business could do for them.

If you sell products to different audience segments, don’t fret. Easily create multiple versions of your marketing video, each with a different message. Or create videos targeting buyers in every stage of the marketing funnel. You can also create videos, social media videos(opens in a new tab or window), or square videos(opens in a new tab or window) for various social media marketing campaigns to maximize your reach.

Grow your audience with consistent branding

To make a memorable marketing video, it must carry your brand identity consistently. With, Canva’s video editing(opens in a new tab or window) tools, branded content is incredibly simple to make.

You can start with templates, but you still have full control over the finished video. Use your brand’s font styles and colors. For better brand recall, add your logo or characters associated with your brand. All it takes is a few drags, drops, and clicks to create a video that sells.

Plus, editing is a breeze. If you’re logged in, your videos are saved in your Canva account. You can repurpose a single video for multiple campaigns and resize it via our premium Magic Switch tool. And with our marketing video maker app, you can customize it anywhere.You can also use Canva's AI video editor(opens in a new tab or window) to generate promo videos instantly.

Ask for feedback

The best way to find out if your video is working is to ask for feedback. Test your teasers, demo videos, or video ads on your friends or colleagues. Better yet, ask your customers. The more input you get, the more polished your messaging and design will be.

If needed, you can always go back to our marketing video maker app to customize every detail of your video projects.


Social media is a video-first landscape because watching videos is super easy. You can tune in anywhere and watch videos that entertain or educate you on topics you’re interested in. In marketing, video makes complex ideas easy to understand. Videos deliver information in a more compelling way compared to pure text. That’s why video format is a great way for your business to reach your target buyers. Plus, it’s now easier than ever to make them. Our marketing video maker is free and easy to use, with lots of free templates and music tracks.

Every business wants to go viral, but that’s beyond our control—it’s the audience that decides whether a video is worth sharing. That said, there are a few ways to make a marketing video more shareable. Start with a clear message that resonates with buyers. Then, add a dash of personality. Use humor, take a quirky approach, apply fun, animated transitions, or add must-see footage. Your marketing team can also use search optimization and paid media to reach as many people as possible.

You can simply attach the video to your emails, but we recommend using a thumbnail image that your audience can click. Once you’re done using our video maker, create a thumbnail by selecting the most interesting frame from your video. Then on our photo editor, put a “play button” icon (triangle) on the top of the image. Add this thumbnail image to your email and link it to wherever your video is hosted e.g. your website or YouTube.

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