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Marketing videos are an awesome way to get your brand, product, or service out into the world. And Canva’s marketing video maker makes the entire process not just easy but also fun! Using video templates and simple drag-and-drop tools, you can create and edit demos, promo clips, testimonials, and other marketing videos in different formats for multiple platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

The best part is, you can make a marketing video for free—just select a template to get started.

How to make marketing videos

Master marketing videos in a snap

Marketing videos are made to be super engaging. Between videos and static images, videos get more engagement. So how do you make sure your video is worth watching? For starters, keep the clip short and sweet; focus on two or three key points. Next, choose a slick design that keeps people watching—and with Canva’s marketing video maker, you have templates that can turn viewers into paying customers.

How to make a marketing video

  1. Open Canva and select a template

    Open Canva or launch the app. You don’t have to log in to an account to make a marketing video. Whether you’re selling a product or building engagement, choose a template that best suits your needs. Remember, different platforms require different video formats. So before you start, identify where you’ll publish your video.

  2. Customize your video

    Enhance your video using Canva’s free video graphics and images. Easy to use drag-and-drop tools allow you to customize the colors, text, and other design elements. You can also crop and trim your videos according to your liking.

  3. Add your narrative

    Short, concise text works best with marketing videos. Try using supers—statements about 3-5 words long. Keep the narrative simple so it’s easy to follow. If the video needs a lengthy explanation, consider adding a voiceover.

  4. Enhance with animations, music, or stickers

    Enhance with animations, music, or stickers You can add more professional polish with finishing touches, like music from Canva’s free music library, animated transitions, or stickers.

  5. Preview, download, and share

    Go over the entire video to ensure everything is correct. Then, download your video and voilà—you’re ready to share your promo video with the world.

Create your marketing video

Beautiful marketing videos to engage your audience

The first few seconds of your marketing video are the most important—that’s when viewers decide if they’ll keep watching. So open with a question or powerful statement (often called a “hook”) to keep those eyes on the screen. Use Canva’s text tools to create impressive typography for your marketing videos. Make compelling font combinations from hundreds of free fonts.

Put your viewers first

Marketing videos go beyond broadcast; they spark conversations. So drop the one-sided approach of talking solely about your brand. Instead, tell your viewers what your business could do for them.

If you target different audience segments, fear not. You can easily produce multiple versions of your marketing video, each with a different key message. Or you can create reels targeting buyers in every stage of the marketing funnel.

Grow your audience with consistent branding

To make a memorable marketing video, it must carry your brand consistently. Canva’s video editing tools make creating branded content incredibly simple.

While you can jumpstart your project with a video template, you still have full control over the finished product. Use your brand’s font styles and colors. For better brand recall, paste your logo throughout the video. All it takes is a few drags, drops, and clicks to get your video to look exactly as you envision. Plus, editing your videos is a breeze. If you’re logged in, your projects are saved into your Canva account. And you can edit them anywhere, even on the go.

Ask for feedback

The best way to find out if your video is working is to ask for feedback. Test your teasers, promo videos, demos, or video ads on your friends or colleagues. Better yet, ask your customers. The more input you get, the more polished your video’s messaging and design will be.

If needed, you can always go back to Canva’s free marketing video maker to fine-tune your projects.


The rise of social media has contributed to online videos’ success, plus watching videos is super easy—you can tune in anywhere and on any device. Video offers an opportunity to be entertained or educated on the topics people are passionate about. For marketers, video helps make complex ideas or concepts easily understood, delivered in a way that’s far more compelling than, say, reading a book on the subject. In short, the quick, simple, and easily-digestible video format is a great way to reach anyone with an internet connection.

Every brand wants to go viral, but that’s beyond our control—it’s the audience that decides whether a video is worth sharing.

That said, there are a few ways to make a marketing video more shareable. Start with a clear message that resonates with buyers. Then, add a dash of personality. Use humor, a quirky approach, or must-see footage. You can also use search optimization and paid media to make sure your video gets in front of as many people as possible.

Including a video in your email is a great idea and it’s easy to do. While you could simply attach the video, we recommend using a thumbnail image of your video that your audience can click through. To do this, simply select the best or most interesting frame from your video. Then in Canva, place a play button (triangle) over the top of the image, then link the image to wherever your video is hosted e.g. your website or Youtube.

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