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Collaborate and ideate with online sticky notes

Jot down your ideas in custom sticky notes online that your teammates can easily see and work off. From brainstorming sessions to design critiques, these handy sticky notes on Canva Whiteboards can make virtual collaborations more fun.

Stick with creative virtual sticky note boards

Add virtual sticky notes

Fire up your brainstorming(opens in a new tab or window) and planning sessions more quickly with a stunning online sticky note board. Designed for easy customization, Canva Whiteboards keep ideas flowing as you work on your sticky notes board. With an infinite canvas to work with and customizable sticky notes, you can make teaching and remote meetings more collaborative and fun. Choose from hundreds of easy-to-edit templates such as circuit diagrams(opens in a new tab or window), Kanban boards(opens in a new tab or window), roadmaps(opens in a new tab or window), data flow diagrams(opens in a new tab or window), and more to get inspired.

Customize with confidence

Customize sticky notes

Annotate screens, draw arrows and sketch(opens in a new tab or window) out your ideas. All the graphic elements you need from vectors to stock images and videos to achieve elaborate visual brainstorming are within our rich media library. You can get personalized sticky notes so you can organize ideas more efficiently. Change the color or text font of your online sticky note pads with a click of a button. Want transparent sticky notes? Adjust the transparency slider(opens in a new tab or window) for images and text. Need to cast a vote? Show your thumbs up with stickers or a heart emoji.

Share your sticky notes easily

Share sticky notes

Link to, download, or export sticky notes so others can see your progress. Everyone on your team, class, or organization can contribute ideas to your online sticky note board. Simply share a design link to your whiteboard template. Collaborate simultaneously to bring out the best suggestions and comments for a successful plan for your next marketing stunt, product offering, or class discussion. Then, download sticky notes to your whiteboard as a PDF, PNG, or JPG. Convert PPT to PDF(opens in a new tab or window) for free with just a few clicks.

How to add sticky notes

How to add sticky notes
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Launch Canva and search for “Whiteboards” to start on a brainstorming and planning project.

Our templates help make brainstorming flow seamlessly. They also act as your virtual sticky note boards. Choose from different styles to match the topic or theme of your brainstorming session. You can look into our online whiteboard, graph, or diagram templates.

Setup your online sticky note board first. Customize the layout by adding instructions and briefs. Then, share the design link with your teammates for easy collaboration. Once they are in, you can all work simultaneously and see each other’s comments on the page.

Explore our digital sticky notes and other design elements from our library. Add customized sticky notes by changing their colors, fonts, and shapes with a few clicks. Use graphic organizers like lines and arrows to connect ideas. As you collaborate with your team, you can set the Timer found at the bottom of the editor. You can also group and categorize sticky notes based on ideas later on.

Present your finished work by saving or sharing it with a link or email. You can download sticky notes from your brainstorm in one PDF document or image file formats like PNG or JPG.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Online sticky notes are the digital version of the traditional ones that come on paper. You can still enjoy the same functionality of jotting down ideas or commenting on others’ work by dragging them onto any part of the screen. In our editor, you can create your own sticky note board using our online whiteboard templates and add as many custom sticky notes as you want, especially with our expanded canvas.

Sticky notes are part of an online whiteboard. Simply choose any online whiteboard template to serve as your virtual sticky note board. When you want to annotate a section or write your idea, just choose a sticky note to type in your thoughts and drag and drop it to any part of the screen. You can touch it up by changing the color, font, or size. Then, use graphic elements such as stickers from our library to give thumbs up or disagree with a note.

Our sticky notes are available in different colors, so you’ll know who’s working on what. Change the colors by double-clicking on the note and choosing your preferred color from the menu.
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