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Capture your online audience with show-stopping YouTube intros. Nearly all successful YouTubers use an intro to tell the viewer who they are watching and to build brand recognition.

You don’t need professional video editing or motion design experience to make them on Canva’s free intro maker. Our customizable templates and easy drag-and-drop approach to making intros will get your YouTube channel and brand up and running in no time.

Canva video intro designs

Grow your audience with an intro that’s uniquely yours

Capture your viewers and turn them into loyal fans and subscribers with a distinguishing intro using Canva’s free intro maker. It’s simple to use and available on the web browser, iOS, and Android—so you can make memorable intros wherever you are.

Start by exploring ready-made templates to use for your videos. Find high-quality, premium audio tracks and animated motion graphics in our massive media library. Add that on top of beautiful typography, illustrations, and stock footage. With Canva’s free online intro maker, sleek intro videos take only a minute to make.

How to make a video intro for Youtube

  1. Open Canva

    Launch Canva to access our free intro maker online. Search for "YouTube Intro" to kickstart your design. Pull up a blank page or browse templates to customize.

  2. Find the right template

    Canva's media library has video intro templates for every theme. Use the filters to narrow the templates by industry, style, color, and more. Once you find something you like, drag and drop it onto your page to customize it and make it yours.

  3. Discover maker features

    Explore millions of free stock photos, images, icons, illustrations, and other graphics. Add music and GIFs. Use the animate, collaborate, and photo effects feature to bring your video intro to life.

  4. Personalize your design

    Customize your design to fit your style, theme, or mood. Mix and match elements from different templates. Choose your own background, color scheme, and font style. Add a personal twist using artwork, images, photos, or branding elements.

  5. Upload and share

    Ready to release your intro to the world? Share directly with your followers on social media right from the maker dashboard. Or, save your video as an MP4 or GIF, and upload it to your YouTube channel.

Create a YouTube intro

Create an intro with no watermarks

Canva’s intro maker for YouTube is free to use—customize a template, then download your videos with no pesky watermarks. There is no limit to the number of intros you can create and download on our maker tool. Only pay when you use additional features on Canva, such as premium stock video, music, photo, and illustration content.

Create anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Canva's YouTube intro maker creates professional-level intros that are simple to make—you can even customize and edit your video intro with others in real-time. Make a YouTube intro online in 60 seconds. With no new skills to learn and no software to download, simply pick a video template and edit it to your liking. Find plenty of video elements in our media library to polish your design, invite your friends to collaborate, and download it in seconds.

Keep your YouTube channel on brand

Canva is an all-around design tool that cares about your brand and channel. From learning to create channel art and a branded logo to YouTube intros, Canva has your back.

Access our intro maker for free to work off pre-built templates and unleash your creativity. Whether fun and quirky or something more minimalist, creating assets for your YouTube brand is a breeze. Don't just create a YouTube video intro! Build the rest of your YouTube channel brand profile on Canva.


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WOW. This @canva video tool is so powerful, plus I'm sure it's going to get even better. I just created an IGS video ad in 15 minutes that I used to have to pay a videographer/editor $300-500 to make. Best $10/month I've ever spent.

Zack Stuck

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