Entice viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel with on-brand YouTube outros and end screens. Canva’s outro maker is free and easy to use and can take as little as 60 seconds.

Hook in viewers with a unique and trendy YouTube outro

Capture your viewers’ attention and grow your online channel with outros that are beautiful, quick and simple to design. Choose from a large collection of trending outro templates and customize with high-quality, animated motion graphics, illustrations, and typography. With Canva, you don’t need to learn complex graphic design or video-editing tools to grow your audience.

How to make a video outro

  1. Look for outro and end screen video templates by searching for “Youtube Outro”, or start from scratch
  2. Upload your own animated graphics or videos. Canva supports images (JPG, PNG), videos (MOV, MP4), and GIFs
  3. Choose from hundreds of fonts from our library
  4. Add music tracks and add animated illustrations to make your outros come alive
  5. Download your outro and append it to the end of your YouTube videos

Make your end screen for free

Canva is a free design platform. You can create and download as many videos as you like without any watermarks. Save money by easily designing end screens on your own, instead of hiring an agency or a freelancer. You also have access to premium stock music, images and video, which are available at an affordable price.

Simple video creation at your fingertips

Canva’s outro maker is simple and easy to use. Canva has taken the hard work out of video creation with our drag-and-drop editor. Simply pick a template then add your personal touch.

Access hundreds of designer-made templates

Canva ensures a sleek, high-resolution outro video, everytime. With templates featuring beautiful background layouts and elements, we’ve taken care of the hard work. Your job is to add your own touch.

Grow your YouTube brand

End screens are an important part of your online YouTube brand, but you need to keep your YouTube brand consistent across the board. Make your channel art, YouTube intro, and YouTube thumbnails on Canva too. Have your brand logo, fonts, and colors on hand when creating video and graphic assets for your channel.


What’s a YouTube end screen?

YouTube end screens are outros that last for 5 to 25 seconds and are a great way to promote other videos, your channel and YouTube playlists.

How do I add a YouTube end screen?

End screens can be added within YouTube Studio by choosing the option to “Add an end screen”.

How do YouTube end screens work?

YouTube provides an end screen template which adds elements such as a link to your most recent video, a link to a YouTube’s choice video from your own channel, or a subscribe link to your channel page.

Can I add animations to my YouTube outro videos?

Yes. Simply choose from our library of free animation styles to animate your videos. or add animated graphics to make your outro ending scene move.

How do I combine my outro video with my YouTube videos?

Download your YouTube outro as an mp4. Create a new design on Canva and simply upload your YouTube outro as the ending scene.
While on YouTube, make sure you link your personal channel and other videos at the outro section.

What’s the best way to layout my YouTube outro?

You can layout two block sections on your outro to add outgoing links to other videos. It’s also good practice to add a section where you can link to your channel page.

Are there other video templates on Canva?

Open Canva and find video templates by looking for “Animated Social Media Graphic”, Video, YouTube Video, Video Slideshow, YouTube Intro, or Video Collage.

What they say about Canva

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