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From events and campaigns to holiday sales, Canva's easy promo video maker has all the tools and features you need to create a compelling promotional video. Edit clips, stitch together footage and publish and share online in a few simple clicks.

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Captivating promo videos for all your campaigns and channels

Market and sell your brand with an engaging promotional product videos(opens in a new tab or window). Use it as video ads for events and exhibits, share them on your socials to attract more followers, or post them online to drive more traffic to your site. Canva's online promo video maker makes creating custom videos, square videos(opens in a new tab or window), or cartoons(opens in a new tab or window) for your marketing campaigns and social channels easy and convenient.

Our beginner-friendly video editor(opens in a new tab or window) lets you rework clips and footage, embellish with photos, add animated text(opens in a new tab or window), and download or share directly on one platform. From explainers and demos to product launches, easily use the Canva app to make a promo video in minutes.

How to make a promo video

Create a promo video

Open Canva on your web browser or launch the free promo video maker on the app. Sign up or edit immediately without needing to create an account by working with a blank canvas or a pre-made template.

Drag and drop footage from your computer or mobile device onto the design dashboard. Cut, crop, trim, speed up, slow down, or add filters to your videos until you’re satisfied.

Combine animated text, catchy music, and engaging graphics to elevate your video design. Don’t forget to include your company logo, tagline, and other brand assets.

Remember that every channel has a recommended video ratio. Edit your video size accordingly to ensure that your video will be displayed properly.

Double-check your work, then download your video in high-quality mp4 or share it instantly on your blog, website, and other social media platforms.
Create a promo video

Attract customers and grow your business

Besides traditional flyers and posters, dynamic videos are a fantastic way to promote your product, campaign, or event. They give potential followers a glimpse of what to expect from your brand and influence them to make a purchase or avail of your service—without having to read long-winding text!

If you’re looking for the best app to make promo videos, look no further than Canva. Our free promo video maker allows you to work from a ready-made template(opens in a new tab or window), then customize it to your heart’s content with a slew of video editing tools, elements, or watermarking your video(opens in a new tab or window). Reach out to a broader audience today by making powerful promo videos you can display on your social media channels and beyond.

Keep your audience engaged and up to date

Connect with loyal customers by creating value-adding promo videos. Introduce new product features, share tips and tricks, or weave a story from real-life user testimonials. Start by editing footage, adding colorful graphics and text(opens in a new tab or window), then saving your final edit in the format you need for posting. Get it done in minutes using Canva’s promo video maker for business or AI video editor(opens in a new tab or window).

Why not make a short explainer video using animations or showcase your product or service in action with a product review? Freely upload your own assets, or embellish your design project by browsing through plenty of stock footage, images, and sounds from our extensive media library. With Canva’s easy drag-and-drop interface, there’s no need to look for other animated promo video makers on the web.

Make a promo video wherever, whenever

We all know inspiration strikes at any time—whether behind your desk, out for a walk, or in line at the grocery store. Canva’s promo video maker app is your best bet for on-the-go video creation. Simply launch the online editor, then start designing, so you don’t lose your best ideas!

Our video editor is easy to navigate, so you can edit while on the move and on whichever device you have at hand. Once you’ve explored your ideas for your promo video on your mobile or tablet device, move your project to your desktop to polish them. With Canva’s online promo video maker, you can seamlessly work on the same project across multiple devices or after designing, download your promotional product(opens in a new tab or window) in a range of file types.


Nowadays, people are more inclined to consume content in video form. They’re informative, quick, and, if done right, entertaining. That’s why if you have a campaign in mind or a new product to introduce, it’s best to make a promotional video to reach your target buyers. You’ll make them aware of what you have in store and catch their attention as they scroll through their own feeds or emails.

Keep it short and sweet. Add your best footage, such as an event teaser or product, and utilize our built-in video editor to stitch together your clips with transitions. Afterward, drag and drop bold text or animated graphics to add some flair to your work. Don’t forget to resize your video to fit seamlessly into the social channel where you’re posting.

Share your promo videos wherever your brand is present online or offline. Aside from social media, you can include your videos in your email marketing strategy or present them during conferences, trade shows, and exhibits. You can also use our promo video maker to refine your existing videos by resizing them and swapping out old clips and graphics with new ones from our library to create coherent yet unique videos for each platform.
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