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Convert your JPEG to JPG and get your image in the most widely used file format. Easily switch file extensions and use your photo in any creative project fast.

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How to convert JPEG to JPG

Get the right file extension for your image

Convert your JPEG files to JPG

Make your creative process as smooth as possible. Let nothing—not even that confusing file extension—get in the way of your flow. With our online JPEG to JPG converter, you can easily save and download your image in the most usable digital format, JPG.

Quickly edit and enhance your JPEG

Edit and enhance your JPEG files

No need to switch from one app to another. Before you change your JPEG file to JPG, edit the photo using our free, online photo editor. With our beginner-friendly tools, you can easily crop your photo, rotate(opens in a new tab or window), resize(opens in a new tab or window), apply photo effects(opens in a new tab or window), and adjust its clarity, blur(opens in a new tab or window), brightness(opens in a new tab or window), saturation, and more. Get it as close as you can get to perfection.

Use your image on any digital project

Share and convert your JPEG files to JPG

Converting your JPEG to JPG means you can now use it for any creative project—all without leaving our online editor. Get your snapshots social media-ready by applying fun filters or sprinkling them with graphic elements from our free media library. Once converted, you can also insert your high-quality JPGs on brochures, posters, photo books, and other printed materials you can design on Canva.

How to convert JPEG to JPG

How to convert JPEG to JPG

To access our JPEG to JPG converter, open Canva via the app or web browser.

Upload your JPEG file or drag and drop it onto a project. Your image should be uploaded to the editor and ready for JPG conversion. If you want to convert multiple files, drag and drop each JPEG image onto a separate page.

You can enhance your photo using our free photo editor. Adjust the saturation, brightness, and more using the sliders. Apply photo effects or filters. You can also crop your image, insert graphic design elements, or add captions using the Text tool.

Ready to download your image? Click Download, choose JPG as your final file format, and get your image with the .jpg extension.

Use your freshly enhanced JPG file on any Canva project: add it to your social media posts, publish it on your website, or use it for marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and posters.

Frequently Asked Questions

JPG and JPEG are acronyms that both stand for Joint Photographic Experts Group. There's technically no difference between the two, except for the file extension (image.jpeg vs. image.jpg). But by using our JPEG to JPG Converter, you can easily convert a batch of .jpeg images to .jpg files. Plus, you can spruce them up using our photo editor.

You can change your JPEG to JPG for free on Mac using our web app or online JPEG to JPG converter. Launch the app or open the converter on your browser, upload the .jpeg file, then download it as a .jpg file. If you want to edit your image first, use our free photo editing tools before downloading the image as a JPG.

Your iPhone won’t let you convert your JPEG to JPG directly; you’ll have to use an image converter. For convenient conversion, download our app from the App store. Not only will our app give you a handy JPEG to JPG converter, but you’ll also access other image converters, editable design templates, powerful photo and video editing tools, and more—all in one place.
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