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No more compatibility issues. Convert your WebP files to high-quality JPGs that are compatible with any device, browser, or viewer. Prepare your images for a variety of online and offline uses, without worrying about size or image quality loss.

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How to convert WebP to JPG photos

Take your photos offline

Convert your WEBP images to JPG

Have you ever saved a WebP photo from a website only to realize that it has limited compatibility? A quick conversion from the WebP file format to the universal JPG is all you need to take your photos offline and use them for other projects! By converting WebP images to JPG, your photos will be compatible with more apps, image viewers, browsers, and devices.

Convert images in seconds

Easily convert your WEBP images to JPG

Using Canva’s free, easy-to-use WebP to JPG converter, you can change any WebP image into a high-res JPG file in seconds. Preserve the original image quality or if you’re on Pro, you can adjust the size and compression to save space. All it takes is just a few clicks—upload your WebP image, edit the photo as needed, and download it as a JPG.

Take your photo a step further

Edit and convert your WEBP images to JPG

Give your images some artistic flair Canva’s free online photo editor(opens in a new tab or window). Before you convert it from WebP to JPG, you can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, and more. Put photo frames, apply exciting filters, or add text. Crop it(opens in a new tab or window), flip it(opens in a new tab or window), rotate it(opens in a new tab or window), or use the premium Magic Switch(opens in a new tab or window) to resize the image. And once you’ve converted it to a .jpg file, you can use it in a wide array of digital and print projects, like posters, invitations, social media posts—any design under the sun.

How to convert WebP to JPG

How to convert WebP to JPG

Head to Canva.com or download the mobile app to access our WebP to JPG converter. Start a design project from a template or a blank layout.

Upload your WebP file or drag and drop it onto the page. Your image should be uploaded to the editor and ready to be downloaded as a JPG.

Explore our photo editing tools and make edits to your image before converting it. You can add awesome photo effects and filters, photo frames, or design elements from our media library. You can also add text, crop, flip, or resize it.

Click Download and choose JPG as the file type. If you’re on Pro, you can adjust the size and image quality using the sliders. Then, download the image as a high-quality JPG.

You can now use your newly converted JPG image in your photo projects or any design on Canva. You can also share it via social media, attach it to emails, or store it in your Cloud folders.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our image converter to change WebP files to both JPG/JPEG and PNG. Choose the JPG file format and download the image. Then, download it once more in the PNG file format. No need to switch to another image converter.

WebP and JPG or JPEG have their pros and cons. While WebP is great for website photos, JPG is a good option for other uses, especially print or offline files. JPG is fully compatible with almost all devices and image viewers, so you won’t have display issues whether you’re viewing a photo on your phone, desktop, or an outdoor billboard.

Converting WebP images to JPG files means you can take your high-res website photos, download them for offline use, and ensure you won’t lose quality and that they’re compatible with other devices.

WebP is known as a “next-gen image file type” designed specifically to load high-resolution images faster online. This makes WebP an ideal image format for website pictures, both for static displays and animated images.

If you’re downloading your website photos to use for other projects, our WebP to JPG converter is a one-stop-shop for the entire editing process. Not only can you convert image formats, but you can also create full-blown designs using your photo while you’re in our platform. Create brochures or posters for your shop, social media posts for your pages, printouts for decoration, and more.
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