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Tie a story together as you merge videos online

Watch a complete picture come to life in video with clips you can combine and stitch into one ad, slideshow, or bite-sized film to tell a story using our free video merger tool.

Merge your video
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Tie up your story’s loose ends

Stitch videos together and show different perspectives and angles to your stories in one go. You can produce a hype reel of multiple scenes from your event on Instagram. Or post a heartwarming collection of greetings for someone’s special day and share it virtually. Start a video project in Canva, upload clips, and easily merge videos for free online.

Fits perfectly in a frame

Capture the perfect moment as you put videos together. With our video trimmer, you can cut and splice clips as you merge two videos to complete a scene. You can also crop your videos to frame them into the perfect size for your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Snapchat, and other platforms.

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All in one, seamless take

Fill in the gaps with amazing effects and audio. Apply smooth transitions when you merge videos together so each frame flows smoothly into the next. Make it even groovier with free and pre-licensed tracks you can combine with your videos in multiple layers.

How to merge videos

  1. Start a video project
    Open Canva and start a blank video project. Choose from our stock video library or upload the videos you want to merge together. MP4, MOV, MKV, WEBM, and MPEG file formats are supported.
  2. Merge your videos
    For every video you need to merge, add a page on the video timeline. Then, drag and drop each clip onto an individual page. You can trim each video by clicking the Scissor icon, then drag the colored edges until you reach the desired length.
  3. Edit your clips
    Modify your videos after you combine them together. Adjust the volume for each clip using the Speaker icon. Fit each frame to any dimension when you select Crop on the editor. You can also double-click the video and drag the handles until you’ve cropped to the perfect video size.
  4. Personalize your video
    Apply transitions between each clip to create a smooth flow from one frame to another. Pick any audio track from our library to complement your video and bring some rhythm to your work. Other design elements such as texts, images, stickers, and more are also worth adding to your project.
  5. Share your video
    Download your new video as a high-quality MP4 file or share it directly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more.
Merge your video

Frequently Asked Questions

Our free, online video editor lets you stitch videos together with no watermark. Get your merged videos without watermark in high-resolution MP4 format, whether through the desktop or mobile app.

Download our iOS app from the App Store for free. Not only is it a graphic design app, but it also doubles as a video merger app. Simply upload your clips, position them on each page, and combine them easily on the video editor timeline. You can also crop, trim, and add transitions and sounds.

As you merge videos, you can preserve their audio, adjust their volume, or mute them altogether. Suppose you want to add an original track or a nice tune from our media library. In this case, simply upload the audio file, and drag and drop it to the timeline. You can layer several tracks, too.

Similar to how you combine videos together, you need separate pages on the timeline for each photo. Modify those pictures using our photo editor, our stock library, or your uploaded archive. Position each frame nicely and add transitions and effects for a seamless flow.
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