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Convert PPT files to perfect PDFs for free instantly. Use Canva's online PPT to PDF converter to transform your PowerPoint presentations without losing design quality or layout—no software installations required.

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How to convert PPT to PDF

Convert, preserve, protect

Download your PPT to a PDF file

Convert PPT to PDF for free with just a few clicks. Turn lecture slides, marketing plans, and business proposals into flexible PDFs you can conveniently access for on-the-go use. Preserve design layouts and formats, protect sensitive information, and easily share your content across platforms and devices. Do it all and more with the seamless PPTX to PDF converter on Canva.

Give it a creative flair

Edit your PPT with Text to Image Magic Media

Show them you mean business and fine-tune your slides before converting PPT to PDF online. Supercharge your presentations with stylized AI imagery(opens in a new tab or window), visualize data through beautiful diagrams(opens in a new tab or window), or sprinkle some design magic from the get-go with Magic Design(opens in a new tab or window). Turn your reports, modules, and pitch decks into an informative yet stunning work of art when you convert PowerPoint to PDF on Canva.

Access and share anytime, anywhere

Download your PPT to a PDF file on your mobile device

Experience the breeze of accessing and sharing your content whenever you need it. Turn PPT into PDFs to view your files easily on any device and operating system. Run through your slides while waiting in line, send key points to your team in a cafe, or casually organize your files in the comfort of your home. Use Canva to convert PPTX to PDF and keep the integrity of your creative work untouched.

How to convert PPT to PDF

How to convert PPT to PDF

Launch Canva on the app or your preferred web browser to access our PPT to PDF converter online.

Select the PPT file you want to convert from your device, or quickly drag and drop it onto the page. Canva will automatically create an editable design out of your PowerPoint file.

Check if your design contains all elements from your PPT file. Edit as needed before converting to PDF. Insert new text, switch colors and font styles, or add relevant visuals.

Finalize your work by clicking Share in the upper right corner of the editor. Select Download, then choose between PDF Standard or PDF Print before downloading your file.

Use your newly converted PDF file in any way you want. Send it as an email attachment, share it on cloud platforms, or store it locally on your device to access it offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Save and convert PowerPoint to PDF using our online converter tool, available on desktop or mobile. Take advantage of the same tools and features and seamlessly edit from one device to another. Edit as little or as much as you like before converting the finished product into a high-quality PDF file.

Yes, it's completely free. Our PPT to PDF converter lets you quickly turn your PowerPoint presentations into high-quality PDF files without hidden costs. Perfect for students, professionals, and anyone needing document conversion.

Absolutely! Our PPTX to PDF converter closely mirrors the original file, preserving your PowerPoint slides’ original layout, design, and formatting. All elements of your presentation, including text placement, font styles, and graphic layouts, are maintained in PDF format.
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@canva is such a life changing tool! One of the most well thought out websites I've ever seen. I use it to showcase my work with the community and it never ceases to amaze me! Kudos for all the love and effort you've put into its development! #canvadesigns


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