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Delete pages from your PDF quickly with our free, online PDF page deleter. Remove outdated, unnecessary, or blank PDF pages to keep your files precise, secure, and updated.

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How to remove pages from PDF

Secure and easy tool to delete pages from PDF

Delete the PDF page you selected

No need for complicated software when you have Canva’s free PDF page remover. Just upload your file, and you can precisely delete one or more pages from the document. Remove blank, outdated, irrelevant, or confidential pages, and download it as a fresh and updated PDF.

Make your PDF more visually compelling

Add comments to PDF pages

Apart from deleting pages, you can also edit your PDF. The built-in PDF editor(opens in a new tab or window) breaks the file into editable elements, so you can customize every page to your readers. Revise the text, insert new images, add illustrations, or even reorganize the pages. Plus, you have AI tools like Magic Write(opens in a new tab or window) to help you get your thoughts on paper.

Collaborate on your PDF files

Add comments to pdf pages

Invite your team to review and remove PDF pages, too. Encourage them to leave feedback on the document or let them revise the file. PDFs can be edited on any device, anytime and anywhere in the world, so it’s perfect for files that require collaboration. Multi-layer reviews are a walk in the park.

Download and share easily

Download your updated PDF file

Downloading and sharing your updated PDF is a breeze. After removing unnecessary pages, save the PDF as a new file, ready to be printed for marketing, fundraisers, reports, schoolwork, and more. Or share your new PDF via email or social media channels without leaving Canva.

How to delete pages from PDF

How to delete pages from PDF

Launch Canva on your web browser or app to access our online PDF page remover tool.

Upload your PDF file or drag and drop it onto the page. Canva automatically transforms your PDF into editable elements.

Identify the page or pages you’ll remove from the PDF. Click the trash can icon on the corner of the page to delete. Invite teammates to work on the file, too.

Customize your PDF for the readers. You can edit the text, add graphs and tables, insert visual elements from our free media library, and change the order of the pages.

Download and share your new PDF file. Save the document as a PDF Print for the best print quality or send your PDF to teammates via email or social media apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format.” It’s a file format ideal for presenting documents regardless of the software, operating system, or hardware. A PDF is used to create files that can’t be easily modified, but through our PDF page remover, you can quickly delete pages from PDFs online.

Definitely! You can use our PDF page remover to remove unnecessary pages from your file.

Upload your PDF to our editor to transform it into editable elements. Click the trash can icon on the corner of the page you want to delete. To add a new page, click the Add Page icon on the corner of the page.

Yes, Canva’s PDF page remover tool is free! All users can upload their PDFs, delete pages, and edit their files before downloading.
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