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Break language barriers without breaking a sweat. Canva’s free online PDF translator quickly translates the content of your PDF documents, so you can share your message with a global community.

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Reach the other side of the world in seconds

Translate newsletters, convert a video script to multiple languages, or share PDFs with overseas clients. With Translate(opens in a new tab or window), an AI-powered translator built into Canva, you’ll easily translate your PDF documents for free. Go global with your PDFs, from project proposals(opens in a new tab or window) to brochures to greeting cards. Just upload your PDF, click “Translate,” and choose from over 100 languages available for translation.

Adapt to any audience

After translating your PDF, you can edit your PDF to fit the needs of the new readers. Switch fonts, change the formatting, and import new photos and graphs for a smoother reading experience. Our PDF translator puts the translated text on a duplicate page, so you can compare and polish your translated page. Or you can opt to simply replace the existing page with the translated version.

Get real-time global collaboration

Share your translated PDF files

Simplify the long process of PDF translation. Share the link to the doc with your teammates, graphics team, and regional reviewers, so they can review the translated PDF. With a Canva for Teams subscription, you can add comments, approve changes, and see the edits being made in real time. Once you’re done polishing, it’s easy to share your translated PDF or converted PDF to PNG(opens in a new tab or window) file with stakeholders around the world.

How to translate a PDF

How to translate a PDF

Open Canva and upload the PDF file you want to translate.

Select Apps on the side panel. Search for and select the Translate app.

Select the original language of the PDF, then choose the language you want to translate it into. Specify the pages you want to translate. Then, click Translate.

Review the translated content, change the font style, insert new graphs, and add or replace images from our library. You can also add, delete, and reorder the pages.

After polishing the translated document, click Share and download it as a PDF. You can also save it to your cloud folders, print it, or share it with your global community.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PDF translator uses Canva’s AI-powered Translate tool, which you can use for free to translate designs with a lifetime cap of 50 pages. This cap includes PDFs and other design projects, like presentations and social media posts. If you have a Canva Pro or Teams subscription, you can translate up to 500 pages per user per month.

The Translate app currently supports 134 languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu. You can check the full list of languages here.

When you translate a page, the translated text appears on a duplicate page in your PDF. If you don’t want a duplicate page, go to Settings and opt out of creating a duplicate. This way, the original page is automatically replaced with the translated version.

You can translate one page and one language at a time.

Canva’s Translate app uses advanced machine learning technology (NMT) to generate translations that are accurate and natural-sounding. The translations are made based on the text you provide; shorter and simpler sentences tend to generate better translations. If you have other documents to translate aside from PDF, Canva's document translator has you covered! You could translate up to 50 pages for free with 134 languages as options.
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@canva is an incredible app for designing pretty much anything you need! A huge selection of templates, fonts and colours; endless choices at the tip of your fingers; easy editing and sending/sharing. Best app I’ve used for a long time. If you haven’t tried it... try it!


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