Grow your YouTube audience with a charming channel art design

youtube channel art

When someone comes to your Youtube channel, what do they see?

An expansive, eye-catching channel banner that draws the world to your videos? Or a bland old generic cover plastered above your otherwise amazing content?

If you’re new to Youtube, or you’re trying to grow your audience, the number one thing you need to always remember is that Youtube is now a legitimate (and behemoth) publishing network.

To really succeed and compete against traditional content producers, who rely on the channel to connect with audiences and consumers, you must be professional.

And that starts with your channel art. In this article, we’ve dug through the platform to find 20 examples of incredible Youtube channel banner art.

Use the free Canva templates

You’ll come across Canva Youtube channel art templates throughout this article. Clicking on them will open the template in your own Canva account, for you to customize as your own.

To know which ones are customizable Canva templates, look for the “Edit this design in Canva” caption on the right.

youtube channel art school of life

Check out the crisp white type in the banner below.  It is consistently used across all of the channels artwork. But it’s not just about using the same typeface—it is about styling it consistently too. Click over to The School of Life’s channel. Notice how the type looks pretty much the same everywhere? You want your channel to be characterized by this kind of consistency too.

youtube channel art template travel blog

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Before diving into creating all sorts of art for your channel, take a step back and define a clear visual direction. If you’re not a designer, browse through our templates for inspiration.

02. Refinery29

youtube channel art refinery29

Refinery29 is a digital media company focused on women. They cover everything from women’s fashion to health and boast a global reach of 225 million across all platforms. That’s a whole lot of women digging what they produce.

youtube channel art beauty template

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We’ve mentioned Refinery29 focuses on women and women alone. Their content is tailored to them and so is their artwork. As you work on developing artwork for your own channel, keep your target audience in mind.

03. Kina Grannis

youtube channel art single by 30

Kina Kasuya Grannis is an American singer-songwriter and actress. In 2008, she won the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. If you haven’t seen her submission, check it out bits of it here.

youtube channel art template for a series

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Grannis kept things sweet and simple for her channel’s banner. With a bright image and a couple of design elements, she managed to create a lovely composition.

Like what you see? We’ve dug up something similar from our library for you to work with.

04. BBC Radio 1

youtube channel art BBC1

Shapes and bold colors are often all you need to create a great banner. BBC Radio 1 certainly does so. With just contrasting colors and interesting shapes, they’ve created a stunning cover for their YouTube channel.

youtube channel art template graphic

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If you choose to go down this path, it’s best if the shapes you use are meaningful. If you don’t have the time to create them, use arbitrary geometric shapes just as we’ve done above.

05. Reese Lansangan

youtube channel art reese lansangan

Reese Lansangan’s channel cover fits it perfectly. To understand why, you’ve to click over and check out everything she does.


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Lansangan uses handwriting in her cover too. There’s something endearing and charming about it. If your channel would also benefit from a heart-warming feeling, feel free to work with our template above.

06. Daniela Andrade

youtube channel art daniela andrade

Listen to a track or two by Daniela Andrade. Her cover fits her musical style perfectly. It is also in line with the imagery featured on her personal website. Good branding all around!


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When selecting images for your channel banner and artwork, be mindful of the messages these convey. Make sure they align with your messaging and the kind of associations you want to build in your audience’s mind.

Part of strengthening your brand.

07. BuzzFeed Violet

youtube channel art buzzfeed violet

BuzzFeed uses color gradients to brand quite a few of its many channels. Type and design elements vary between each but the background is always the same: a subtle color gradient.

For its Violet edition, they’ve paired the gradient with bright, white type. The outcome? A modern banner with content that reads wonderfully.


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Gradients are everywhere these days. Not everyone likes them, though. If you’re not crazy about the trend, go with a solid color instead.

08. Every Tuesday

youtube channel art every tuesday

Every-Tuesday offers weekly tutorials for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. The channel is run by Teela, a graphic designer passionate about helping others. No wonder the banner is ace!


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To create her banner, Teela paired a script and sans-serif with top view photography. We’ve gone down the same path type wise but decided to use floral elements instead, giving our template a very feminine feel.

09. Just Between Us

youtube channel art just between us

Just Between Us is an LA-based comedy duo. They post funny sketches from their couch every Monday and Tuesday.


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I don’t see many borders used on banners these days. However, we’ve drawn inspiration from Just Between Us and designed the template above. To tie in our image and frame, we’ve taken the blue in our frame from our image.

10. Vox

youtube channel art vox

Vox uses basic geometric shapes to create it’s colorful channel banner. Each element features a television line texture, fitting for the channel.


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Flat illustrations are all the rage these days. But they aren’t the only style you can illustrate in. If you like texture, find a way to incorporate it into your illustrations. We’ve used it above to add a layer of interest to our template.

11. Alex G

youtube channel art alex g

Alex G is a hugely popular American singer who boasts over 200 million views on YouTube. She describes herself as an independent businesswoman who has taught herself everything from filming to editing to social management.


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Solid color backgrounds have been growing in popularity over the past year. If the color in our template isn’t working with your brand’s, swap it out for one of your own.

12. Laneway Festival

youtube channel art laneway festival

Laneway Festival stays true to their branding no matter what they produce. Their YouTube channel banner is, of course, no exception. Using their signature bright colors and black backgrounds, they created an eye-catching piece.


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Be consistent with your branding, just like Laneway Festival does. Create a set of guidelines to help you guide your work and be sure to adhere to it.

13. Gabrielle Aplin

youtube channel art gabrielle aplin

Gabrielle Aplin is an English singer-songwriter. She keeps things classic and simple for her banner. To create it, she uses black and white photography and beautiful type.


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Give classic black and white a shot. Feel free to swap out our image and copy in the example above and adjust it to fit your channel.

14. Google

youtube channel art google

Love how Google cleverly incorporate all the biggest YouTube sensations into its banner. It’s a quick and colorful trip down some of the very best the platform has to offer.


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Google’s banner is also a reminder that sometimes busy can be better. The composition is perfectly balanced, dynamic, and Google’s signature colors are bright as ever.

15. Sam Tsui

youtube channel art sam tsui

Great type combos can make your banner feel polished and professional. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, you can try to combine expressive typefaces, just like Sam Tsui does in his cover.


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If on the other hand, you’re still not confident in your type pairing abilities, you can combine a script and light serif.

16. Louisa Wendorff

youtube channel art louisa wendorff

I can’t help but think Beyonce when I see Louisa Wendorff’s cover below. There is something about the type setting that instantly brings Beyonce’s Beyonce cover to my mind.  It is funny though because the two couldn’t be further apart musically.


Edit this design in Canva

With type alone, Wendorff creates a modern and clear banner, fitting for her channel. You can do the same by giving your type choices and styling a little thought. If you’d rather leave these kinds of decisions to designers, feel free to click on our template above.

17. Charlie Puth

youtube channel art charlie puth

Your banner is one of the first things your audience will see. Take advantage of this and use it to highlight important information, like Charlie Puth. In his banner, he lists all his 2016 Tour dates and shows.


Edit this design in Canva

This works well if you don’t have dozens of live gigs coming up. If you have a single event you want to draw attention to, you can build your channel’s artwork around it.

18. Kryz Uy

youtube channel art kryz uy

Thirstythought by Kryz Uy is a lifestyle and travel blog that records Uy’s adventure around the globe. What started as a college project quickly turned into something Uy wanted to continue growing.


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Your channel’s artwork doesn’t have to be intricate or complicated. In fact, simple compositions, like the one above, are often the most successful ones. Set your channel’s name in a gorgeous typeface and use design elements only if you need to. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can create something beautiful.

19. YouTube Spotlight

youtube channel art youtube spotlight

If you’ve had no luck finding the perfect image for your banner, take a stab at creating it yourself. You can give photography a shot or you can go use cute illustrations like YouTube Spotlight does.


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20. Oscars

youtube channel art oscars

When defining the look and feel of your channel’s art, draw inspiration from your content. Use colors, shapes or textures associated with it to help shape your image. In the case of the Oscar’s channel, gold was the obvious answer.


Edit this design in Canva

We’re naturally drawn to contrast. You can create it in a number of ways. Vary element’s size, use contrasting typefaces or simple use contrasting colors, just like we do above.

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