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Take the best bits of your footage and make them flow together in a video compilation. Upload multiple clips, make changes using our beginner-friendly video editing tools, and then combine them into one seamless piece of content. Whether it’s a collection of travel highlights, big business wins, or funny animal videos, design it the way you want with Canva’s free online video compilation maker.

Canva Video Compilation Maker

Create cohesion among your video clips

Compilation videos are a great way to showcase your work, highlight important moments in your life, or share entertaining snippets with your audience. Create a compilation video of your own easily on Canva! With pre-built templates, millions of design elements, and an impressive suite of features, everything you need to craft engaging videos is all in one platform.

Show off your company's latest product launch, document unforgettable moments from your wedding, or compile clips of viral dance or food trends for TikTok. The possibilities are endless! Flex your imagination and use Canva’s video compiler online to cut, trim, and combine multiple videos into one, cohesive highlight reel.

How to make a compilation video

  1. Open Canva
    Launch Canva on the app or a web browser to access our free compilation video maker. Sign up to create an account or edit immediately by working off a ready-made template.
  2. Upload your content
    Upload the videos and images you want to merge, then drag and drop them on the timeline. You can also explore our library of stock videos to find footage that enhances your design, or record yourself and get a fresh clip without leaving the editor.
  3. Edit your compilation
    Arrange your clips in your desired sequence. Trim down segments to a certain length, crop your video to fit any social media feed, or speed it up or slow it down as needed. Play with different font styles, color schemes, and fun animations to give your compilation video a creative flair.
  4. Customize your video
    Make your video truly yours by adding stickers, icons, illustrations, and other design elements. Or pair your video with a suitable soundtrack from our audio library. Want your videos to match the beat of the music? Take advantage of Canva's Magic Beat Sync and smoothly sync your video and audio.
  5. Preview, download, and share
    Play back your work and save any changes. Download it to your device as a high-quality MP4, share it with your email list, or publish it to your social media profiles straight from the Canva dashboard.
Create a video compilation

Craft a unique narrative

Whether to inspire or get a laugh, a compilation video is a fantastic way to get your message across. Canva gives you the ability to turn your collection of video clips and images into one, cohesive story. Choose your start and end times, then crop, trim, and combine to create one unique video. With our easy-to-use compilation maker, you can edit on the go and share the best parts of your clips.

Make the most of this flexible video style. Stitch together cute clips of your pet, highlights from your brand campaign, or top film moments for a school project. Our video compilation maker is free to use on any device at any time, so you're ready to create a compelling video that will captivate friends, followers, and customers. All it takes is a few simple clicks!

Put your creativity into motion

Want to make a video compilation online but don't know where to begin? Then you're in the right place. Weave your story together by customizing a beautiful video template from Canva. From minimalist business themes to trendy, fashion-forward styles, our collection of editable templates is a terrific jump-off point to creating the perfect compilation video.

Get creative and tweak the look and feel of your footage with Canva's free, powerful video editor. Add subtitles or captions, animate text and other elements, and apply filters and effects to bring your video to life. Canva’s Magic Beat Sync automatically syncs audio and video together so you can create a more immersive viewing experience.

There's no need for coding or design experience; you can make a cinematic movie trailer, add a breaking news intro, a heartwarming holiday montage, or a professional ad for a new product or service—all in mere minutes!

Share your compilation creation

Satisfied with how your compilation video turned out? Share your Top 10 video, professional reel, or supercut without having to leave the editor. Download your work with no watermarks or share it instantly to your social media platforms. Whether it's two short snippets for a YouTube ad or multiple clips with photos and music for an Instagram post, easily share the final product using Canva's online video compilation maker.

Compilation videos can be used for anything from brand collaterals to social posts. They're also an excellent way to share memories with friends and family. Compile videos online with Canva and create shareable content that will drive more conversions, perform well on the algorithm, and connect with your audience.


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