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Take advantage of Canva’s free online magazine mockup generator. Sell your editorial vision convincingly and present how it would look on the glossy cover of a magazine. Create a realistic magazine mockup in seconds and use it in your client presentations, editorial meetings, and more.

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Stir excitement with your content through magazine mockups

Are you a creative who wants to publish zines independently? Or maybe you work in major print publications? Either way, impress potential publishers, advertisers, editors, and readers with a high-resolution magazine mockup. Create one for free in a few clicks with our magazine mockup generator. Share your editorial vision with a realistic-looking mockup complete with a magazine cover and inside pages. Get people on board your publishing dream with Canva.

How to create a magazine mockup

Create a magazine mockup

Launch Canva. Click Apps on the homepage and choose Mockups. Type “Magazines” on the search bar to generate a mockup for your magazine.

Browse the available mockups for magazine pages or covers. Choose from different magazine styles, sizes, and orientations, then click your chosen template.

Hit Select to upload your magazine image. Choose from your previously uploaded photos or Canva designs. If you want to upload a new file, click Upload .

Once you’ve uploaded the image to the magazine mockup, make adjustments by selecting Adjust image. Change its fit, alignment, and orientation. Then, hit Save to lock in your changes.

Click Save mockup, then Download to save a high-resolution image file you can share. Alternatively, use your mockup in another Canva design by selecting Use in a design.
Create a magazine mockup

Effortlessly create a variety of magazine mockups

Producing a magazine takes the work of a whole editorial team. A creative collaboration between editors, writers, stylists, and graphic designers is essential to create the best issue possible.

Making a mockup of your magazine helps everyone get on the same page—literally. Editors can share their ideas for content improvement with graphic designers to help avoid costly editorial errors. Layout artists also get to present their own take on how to make the stories flow cohesively. With Canva’s free magazine mockup generator, you can quickly come up with various magazine mockups(opens in a new tab or window) for the whole team to choose from.

Persuade brands to place ads on your pages

As prestigious as it is to produce and print magazines, it’s a costly endeavor. Get advertisers to support your publication. Show them where their ads could appear and how they would look on the pages of your magazine with several mockups made using our online magazine mockup generator.

Audience visibility is a key factor for advertisement reach. With a magazine page mockup, marketing experts can study and present prime ad spots to the companies they handle. Brands also get to see how well they fit with a magazine’s editorial brand, theme, and the kind of audience their ads would tap.

Promote your latest issue in style

Selling a magazine is as much about branding as it is about well-made content. Make the most of your cover star or produce a fantastic theme with an advertisement that connects to your target readers.

With our selection of mockup templates you can choose from, it’s easy to create a magazine mockup for free online to enhance your editorial brand. Use different realistic backgrounds to show how cool it is to be spotted reading your magazine. Convince people that buying your magazine is aspirational. Do that and more with Canva’s magazine or phone mockup generator(opens in a new tab or window).


Magazine mockups are useful publishing tools. They help magazine editorial teams see how the stories and visuals for their latest issue would look in magazine format. A magazine mockup is made once a magazine’s contents have been laid out, although placeholders can be used for some content in the meantime. The mockup serves as a visual draft of the magazine’s published copy and helps the editorial team adjust the design and layout before a magazine goes to print.

Aside from helping publishers and editorial teams tweak their magazine design and layout before publishing, magazine mockups give other stakeholders an idea of an upcoming issue. These stockholders are marketing agencies and advertisers looking to promote their products and services in a magazine. With a mockup, they can gauge their ad placement’s visibility to readers.

Use our free online magazine mockup generator to create realistic-looking digital mockups with just a few clicks. Aside from the variety of magazine styles available, you can also adjust your magazine design’s fit, alignment, and orientation so you can print your next issue with confidence. The magazine mockup is also saved as a high-resolution PNG file you can share with the editorial team or stakeholders.
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