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Produce stunning and photorealistic brochure mockups using Canva’s online brochure mockup generator. With a simple-to-use interface, you can quickly upload a brochure design to generate mockups fit for any purpose and then download it for free. Captivate clients and customers when you use your brochure mockup in your presentations, portfolios, social media posts, and more.

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Easy brochure mockups for a perfect preview

Brochures help give a promotional overview of your product or service. Wow your clients, stakeholders, and customers with a realistic mockup brochure that boasts intentional design. Our free online brochure mockup generator lets you upload your design, make custom adjustments, and get your preview in seconds.

We have a variety of mockup templates for any purpose and occasion. Use our brochure mockup generator for free and build your design portfolio. Or, use your mockup as a visual centerpiece for your marketing campaigns, creatively showcasing your products and services. Whether a small business owner or a creative professional, creating a brochure mockup is fast and easy with Canva–no advanced design skills needed.

How to make a brochure mockup

Create a brochure mockup

Create a brochure mockup

Professional mockups to fit any scene

Canva’s mockup generator puts your brochure design in realistic settings to create a visual story for your project. Get inspired by the sample images in our gallery. Place your brochure against a white background or as a decorated flatlay. Create a scene in a cozy cafe or the sunny outdoors. Let your brochure shine against your chosen backdrop, and impress your audience with a professional-looking mockup done in seconds.

Is your brochure in portrait or landscape format? You can easily filter your search to find your preferred layout. Our image selections include various forms, from booklet-type brochures to trifold mockups, and we'll intuitively lay out your brochure design on them to fit. Download your brochure mockup and use it in your design portfolios and creative marketing materials for a slick finish.

One-click customization in a snap

Got a rush presentation or a sudden project that needs a mockup? No need to spend time on complicated design software. Pick a sample mockup image, upload a brochure design, or choose an existing Canva project and make some tweaks–a few seconds is all it takes to get free brochure(opens in a new tab or window) mockups done perfectly to your standards.

The simple interface of our generator will guide you through how you can customize your brochure catalog or booklet mockups. Adjust the image on the canvas to get the right size, alignment, and perspective. Preview the changes and hit save when you’re satisfied. Instantly download your mockup as a high-resolution image file to use in your other projects.

Take your mockup to the next level

From producing free mockups of your brochure to beginning another project with your newly created mockup image, we’re with you through all the steps of your design journey.

Use Mockups on Canva as an aide for designing ads and marketing materials. Grab a fitting backdrop for your brochure, then turn the finished mockup into a social media post, Story, poster, presentation, and more. Promote your travel service, art workshop event, or coffee shop exclusives. Simply add text and design elements from our media library, and you’re good to go! or show off your brand on your promotional product(opens in a new tab or window).


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