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Bring your book to life even before going to press. With Canva’s online book mockup generator, you can easily visualize your design for free. A perfect tool whether you’re finalizing the look of your book or generating pre-order buzz for your publication.

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An excellent manuscript may take years to write, edit, and polish, but thankfully, a stunning book mockup doesn’t take as long. With Canva’s book mockup generator, you can preview the way your book looks within a matter of minutes, with no design background necessary.

Use Canva’s Smartmockups to help you in every stage of your book publishing process. Test your initial ideas, present proposals to authors and clients, or use your final mockup for marketing purposes. Canva’s book mockup generator allows you to make a 3D book mockup that looks and feels polished and realistic—so true to life, it makes readers want to reach into the screen and flip through the pages with excitement.

How to make a book mockup

  1. Launch Canva
    Login to your Canva account. Go to the homepage side panel, scroll down to Tools, and choose “Smartmockups” to use our mockup maker. Type “book mockup” into the search bar. Or click on the “Print” tab and choose “Books.”
  2. Choose a book mockup template
    Select one of the free book mockups from the gallery. Filter your options by clicking on any of the style categories: portrait books, square books, hardcover books, or softcover books. Then, click your chosen book mockup template.
  3. Use your book cover design
    Select the image or design you’ll add to the mockup. Click on your uploaded image or upload it to the gallery if you haven’t. Using a design you’ve created on Canva? Navigate the Designs tab to click on the specific project you’ll be using.
  4. Polish your book mockup
    Quickly make changes to your mockup by clicking on “Adjust image.” Don’t forget to click “Save” to save the changes.
  5. Save, share, and download
    Keep your final draft in your Canva account so you can use it anytime. Share your mockup design via email or social media. Or use it in another Canva layout by clicking “Use in a design.”
Create a book mockup

Lifelike book mockup templates at your fingertips

Excited to see how your book cover will look like in the palm of your hand? No need to add to your publishing cost by printing a sample cover. Canva’s book mockup generator allows you to go beyond your imagination by providing you with realistic-looking book mockups in every imaginable position and style: hardcover, paperback, square book, or portrait cover. Create a mock-up for every edition and see how it will look like in the hands of a reader or on a shelf.

Simply choose a book mockup template, then upload your cover design. You can make a variety of lifelike mockups in seconds.

Polish your mockup book with ease

Want readers to clamor for your book release? Make them feel as though they can already touch the real thing. Add more life to your book mockup by maximizing Canva’s Smartmockups tools and features. Make quick adjustments to your mockup’s size, alignment, and overall appearance with a few clicks. Then, save your design in your Canva account so you can access and edit it anytime you want.

Showcase your book cover mockup your way

Once everything is finalized in the book mockup maker, use your mockups for all levels of book promotion. Create a one-page Canva site for pre-orders or send an exclusive sneak-peek to your newsletter subscribers. Design social media posts to spark curiosity online, or use the mockups when you reach out to book reviewers.

Unveil your upcoming book by using your beautiful book mockups in any marketing material that you can create with Canva.


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