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Get ideas on how your website or app will look in real life. Produce detailed mockup phone designs rendered in 3D with one easy click. With Canva’s free online mobile phone mockup generator, instantly make true-to-life phone mockups—no complicated software or design degree required.

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Wow clients with photorealistic mobile mockups

Want to show off your landing page’s responsiveness? Trying to visualize your app in use? Canva’s phone screen mockup generator helps you build and customize impressively realistic mockups(opens in a new tab or window).

Browse our extensive library for free iPhone mockups and templates for other smartphone models. Our mockup creator intuitively applies your design to your chosen template, adjusting the angle and fitting seamlessly under foreground obstructions.

Build a better portfolio, win clients, or convince stakeholders to back your app without breaking a sweat. Ready your image, choose a template, and make quick tweaks to get presentation-ready cellphone mockups in minutes.

How to make a phone mockup

Create a phone mockup

Open Canva on the app of a web browser. On the homepage, click Apps, then Mockups, to access our mockup generator. Under the Technology tab, select Smartphones.

Browse our collection of mockup examples. Narrow your search by clicking on the phone model options. Choose between Android, Samsung, or iPhone mockup templates.

Click Select to choose an image or upload one if you haven’t yet. You can also use an existing Canva design by navigating to the Designs tab and finding the project you want to use.

Polish your website or app mockup by clicking Adjust image. You may opt to change its fit, alignment, or orientation. Then, hit Save to save your changes.

Once you’re happy with your work, click Save mockup. Choose Use in a design to embed it in another Canva project. Alternatively, select Download to save your phone mockup as a PNG file.
Create a phone mockup

Stunning phone mockups for any purpose

Level up your design projects or upgrade app demonstrations with Canva’s free 3D phone mockup generator. Find dynamic mockups for every purpose and design need, from stylish smartphones to trendy tablets. Effortlessly place and adjust your design in a smartphone mockup and create engaging visuals that make an impact.

Choose from our library of diverse phone models, screen orientations, and settings. Use an isolated render or minimalist product shot for a sleek presentation. Pitch a fun new app with a dynamic flat lay. Or demonstrate your design in real-life situations, such as a hand holding a phone or a device set on desks, sofas, or dashboards.

Modify your mockups while preserving clarity

Do more than just create a phone mockup online. Canva has all the tools you need to polish every detail of your design. Make your image fit or fill the screen. Align elements perfectly. Then, explore new angles by rotating or flipping the image for a fresh perspective. Take control of your phone screen’s appearance and have confidence that your mobile phone mockup won’t lose its quality, even with multiple edits and downloads.

Seamless mockup creation and presentation

Say goodbye to complex design processes—create, customize, and finalize your 3D phone mockup all in one place. Once completed, jump right into building a winning presentation(opens in a new tab or window) or design portfolio. Design a presentation from the ground up or use Magic Design(opens in a new tab or window) to generate outlines and content in a flash. Invite team members or stakeholders to collaborate or comment on your design in real-time and when you’re ready, send a link to your audience and present your ideas like a pro.


A mobile phone mockup is a photo or 3D-rendered image showcasing how a design looks in an actual device. Laptop and phone mockups are typically used to demonstrate website design. Cellphone mockups, on the other hand, are strictly for mobile responsive web design and apps. You can also use this mockup to present designs like social media posts and ads, mobile phone UI, and wallpapers.

You can easily make a mockup on your handheld device using our mobile phone mockup generator. Download our app on the App Store or Google Play, then sign up for free with Google, Facebook, or your email. Tap the menu icon on the upper left corner, then under Tools, select Mockups. From there, you can choose a free mobile mockup from our diverse library.

Designing mockups is free with our Mockups app. Besides phone screens, laptops, and tablets, you can also build mockups for various print products, packaging materials, apparel, and home items. Free users have access to an extensive library of mockup templates, while Pro and Teams users enjoy even broader access to a wide variety of templates.
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