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Tap into your inner auteur and stitch together your video clips and photos into a cinematic presentation. Canva’s free online movie maker has everything you need to create a compelling movie — complete with music, subtitles, and film credits. Be your own movie editor and refine your film using our powerful editing tools.

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Call the shots when you make a movie

Don’t let a small budget and basic equipment keep you from letting your vision unfold on the screen. Whether it’s putting together a short film, a documentary, or a personal vlog, Canva’s movie creator lets you be in charge of the whole production process.

Edit and splice together existing footage from your files. Film additional scenes using Canva Mobile’s live camera feature and find more photos and videos you can use in the Canva media library. From royalty-free audio to cool editing effects, our online movie maker equips you to create the movie of your dreams.

How to make a movie

Make a movie

Make a movie

Create a cinematic masterpiece

Let’s be honest: not everyone can shoot scenes in a single good take. That is why the post-production process is an important stage whenever you create a movie.

You can work some editing magic on your footage even if you're a one-person filmmaking team. Use Canva's movie maker to trim the fat from your videos. Stitch your shots together to tell a compelling visual story, apply a subtle filter to make things more evocative, and set scenes to the right music to enhance their emotional effect on the audience. Apply your knowledge as a movie lover on what makes a film so watchable, aided by our user-friendly video editing(opens in a new tab or window) or AI face generator(opens in a new tab or window) tools.

Make it a full movie experience

Give your project a cinematic treatment. Present its title in a stylized font and add opening and end credits to elevate even a personal travelogue into a filmic event.

With Canva's free movie maker, you can add these elements with ease. Replace the placeholder text with the correct details, retain the featured font style and color, or discover better ones among our selections. You can also add open captions and SDH or Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, then try out different animation styles to determine how they appear on the screen.

Design buzz-worthy visual teasers

Since you’ve put a lot of work into your movie, it deserves a promotional rollout. Tease viewers about what to expect from your film. Put together an exciting trailer and a movie poster on our movie maker online.

Simply open a new project on Canva, then follow the same process for making a movie, only this time, be more sharp and concise with the editing. Create a smaller movie out of your film by picking a few highlights that will reveal just enough to get people hyped. Use dynamic transition effects and exciting background music to intensify it.

You can design a movie poster(opens in a new tab or window), and cartoon(opens in a new tab or window) too, by customizing a pre-made template. Be guided by our editing deck's color guide and typography suggestions as you realize your creative vision.


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