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Free online Twitch panel maker

Connecting with your audience to set a positive first impression for new viewers becomes easier when you upgrade your live streaming with personalized info panels, thanks to Canva’s free online Twitch panel maker.

Create Twitch Panels

A stream of information for your viewers

Whether you are a newbie streamer or a seasoned Twitch Partner, maintaining a well-curated live streaming channel is essential in engaging your subscribers and page visitors. Connect with your community by making it more than just a streaming event. Delight them with organized and beautiful info panels that direct them to know more information about you.

With Canva’s free Twitch panel creator, let your bio and stream details take center stage. Start with free template packs to suit every piece of information you want to share on your profile page. Go for creative styles that match your online personality. You can edit your panel design in an intriguing abstract layout, a colorful geometric, or a vintage retro theme. Find catchy design elements in our library that you can easily drag and drop to the editor to achieve any look. Lead your audience to a wealth of fun facts and ways to communicate with you.

How to make Twitch panels

  1. Start with an idea
    Open Canva to search for “Twitch Panels” and find inspiration for an overarching channel style or theme to follow for your brand assets.
  2. Pick a design
    Next, choose a free template pack for your panel design. Suit it to your brand identity and personality. Or get your creative juices pumped up when you start from scratch with a blank layout.
  3. Customize your panels
    Edit your design by adding text, icons, shapes, and other graphic elements. Spruce it up by changing font styles, colors, and backgrounds.
  4. Wrap it up
    Save and download your fully personalized panel design in high-resolution image formats like PNG or JPEG.
  5. Personalize your Twitch channel
    Finally, upload it to your Twitch channel’s About page. Upload each custom panel image, then add hyperlinks and text descriptions. Your info panels will appear below your video stream.
Make a Twitch panel

Open up with a solid visual identity

Your branding evokes visual cues of your style. Match all your stream’s assets seamlessly from your screen overlays down to your Twitch panels. Our library of design elements can jumpstart your panel designs with attractive and eye-catching pieces to communicate your identity. Simply search for icons, shapes, vectors, fonts, and colors that convey your personality and play around with them on our Twitch panel maker. Build trust and exude professionalism with flawless designs on your Twitch channel.

Spice up your channel’s interactions

Maximize your Twitch channel’s engagement rate with personalized panel designs to match every piece of information you want to share with your viewers. Pick a template, and you’ll get a pack of panel ideas you can use. Come up with attractive, clickable info boxes for your “About Me” section, schedules, rules, donation, merchandise, social media accounts, and more. You can even customize your panels depending on what your subscribers would like to know. When channel visitors know more about you and your stream, they are more likely to engage, relate, and recognize your channel without fail.

Rack up your monetization

You can begin monetizing your Twitch channel once you reach Affiliate or Partner streamer status. You can direct your viewers to donate, subscribe, and support your page with a well-designed and well-placed info header or graphic panel. Set up a section for your wishlist and add affiliate links for gaming-related sponsors. Increasing your stream subscribers also means more people supporting your content. Create custom panels that showcase your wit and style by adding persuasive text descriptions to your info panels or incorporating beautiful header panel art. Turn them into click-worthy designs when you make Twitch panels from Canva.


Twitch panels are information-rich graphics that typically appear below a live stream video on your profile page. Use these info panels to organize and present more facts about the streamer and the channel. You can lead viewers to your About and FAQ section and direct them to donate, subscribe, and check your social media pages.

The best Twitch panel size is 320 × 160 pixels. Our Twitch panel maker and premade design packs default to this optimal dimension. You can upload to Twitch with maximum dimensions up to 320 px wide and 600 px high. All images must be under 1 MB.

Use your personalized info panels on Twitch after designing and downloading them using our editor. Create or edit a panel on your channel with these easy steps:
  1. Go to your Twitch channel page.
  2. Then, toggle the Edit Panels button from off to on.
  3. Next, add your panel title, description, image link, and upload your custom Twitch panel. Click on the + sign to create another panel.
  4. Click Submit to save your information.
  5. Finally, switch back the Edit Panels button from on to off.

To make a donation panel on Twitch, create a panel design first with our drag-and-drop editor. Use a free template or do it from scratch to customize one. Download your Twitch panel and upload it on Twitch using the Edit Panels page. Add your donation panel image and paste a URL to your donation page on the image link field. A click on this panel can lead to your personal or business Paypal, Patreon, ko-fi, Venmo, or other membership platforms.
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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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