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Looking to find the perfect job candidates or tenants? Make a compelling wanted poster that will have resumes and inquiries flooding your inbox. Our wanted poster maker lets you design one for free.

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Attract great candidates for your vacancies

The job market is tough not just on job seekers but also recruiters. Given the deluge of job vacancy ads online, it’s difficult to get a candidate’s attention, let alone attract qualified ones.

Let great design help you. With Canva’s wanted poster maker, you’ll craft a design that’s both eye-catching and informative. Make your own wanted poster in a style and tone that reflect your vibrant workplace culture. Or showcase the best of your rental property to prospective tenants. And if you’re creating a wanted poster for fun, it doesn’t get more fun than Canva’s vintage wanted poster templates. Explore our collection of vintage-inspired filters(opens in a new tab or window) and craft gorgeous images you'll be proud to share anywhere.

How to make a wanted poster

Make a wanted poster

Make a wanted poster

Create wanted posters in no time

It takes a lot of resources to fill in a position or find tenants. Save time with Canva’s free wanted poster maker and our wide selection of templates. As a busy recruiter or property owner, you can make posters in minutes and free up time for other tasks.

With a well-designed poster, you can advertise openings in your company, describe each position’s responsibilities, and showcase the workplace’s team spirit. Make the tone fun, corporate, or artistic. Create a wanted poster that will bring in resumes from proficient applicants. The same goes for tenants and roommates—design a wanted tenant poster that puts your property in the best light. Highlight the location, amenities, and the prospect of a convenient living space.

Designing a poster for a fun prank? With Canva’s easy-to-edit templates, your poster will be done in a jiffy.

A creative way to share information

Running an information campaign? Well-designed wanted posters alert your community to potential threats and disasters. Design posters for missing or lost-and-found announcements, calls for volunteers, crowdfunding initiatives, and more.

For these kinds of community service, use Canva’s media library to get all the stock photos and illustrations you need as you make your own wanted poster. Our color palette and typography guides also help design newbies put together an effective poster. These handy features are free, but a Canva Pro account unlocks even more design magic.

Share the wanted poster you’ve created

Making a wanted poster is just the first step; ensuring that people see it is the next. Don’t let your hard work and design savvy go to waste. Once you’ve finished creating a wanted poster, save and download it, then share it to your social media accounts without having to leave the Canva dashboard.

If you plan to distribute your poster offline, try Canva Print. Place your order and enter all your printing requirements. Order as many copies as needed, and your posters will be printed on high-quality paper with the finish of your choice. We’ll take care of the delivery, too.


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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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