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Set up your business for success by looking into the many factors contributing to its growth. Visually evaluate your potential market, activities, and selling point with Canva’s business model canvas maker.
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Business model canvas maker features

Elaborate your business idea in a concise and visually strategic way. Assess how viable and competitive your business will be by identifying your customers, activities, costs, and revenue stream. It’s easy with free templates from Canva’s online business model canvas creator. You can brainstorm with your team and personalize it with fun design elements and interesting fonts and tools.

More than 20 professional types of graphs to choose from

Professionally designed templates to fast-track your workflow

Data visualization made easy – no complicated software to learn

Publish, share or download your high-resolution graph

Embed your business model canvas in presentations, reports, and more with no fuss

Easy drag-and-drop tools, made with the non-designer in mind

How to create a business model canvas

  1. Launch Canva — Open Canva and search for "Business Model Canvas" to start your design project.
  2. Choose a business model canvas template — Pick a template from our collection of business model canvas examples. You can easily find what you need when you filter by color, style, or theme. Each template is customizable, so you can always personalize it. Or, you can also start from scratch.
  3. Build a business model canvas — Fill out each component of the business model canvas template with information on your customers, partners, key activities, value propositions, costs, and revenue streams. Easily add new text boxes or sticky notes to construct and align your business concept with your team.
  4. Personalize your business model canvas — Keep your canvas visually appealing to activate and energize everyone’s business senses. Play with font styles, colors, and shapes to make your business model canvas unique and creative. Add your favorite images, videos, stickers, icons, and vectors from our media library to complete your business model with visual cues.
  5. Download and share — Finalize your business model canvas online and easily download it as a high-resolution JPG, PNG, GIF, or PDF. Share it digitally through email or social accounts, or publish it as a poster for your office using Canva Print. You can also embed it to your website, your business presentation, or visual Docs in Canva.
Create a business model canvas

What is a business model canvas?

A business model canvas is a visual framework that identifies factors affecting your business concept in a one-page document. Compared to a traditional business plan, it treats developing and testing a business idea as a concise visual exercise. Introduced by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur in “Business Model Generation,” it has since helped entrepreneurs understand their businesses’ competitiveness and viability in their target market.

Create well-rounded business strategies

Assess your business idea by visually categorizing all the possible factors involved. Use Canva’s business model canvas online to establish a framework that will set you up for success. Whether it's a merch store for your online brand or a promising tech startup, it pays to identify what will keep your concept competitive in the long run. Choose a template and customize textboxes with your data. Not only are you able to evaluate where you are in business development, you also get to be familiarized with your business concept to the core.

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Visualize your market

It doesn’t have to be strictly business! Have fun with your business model canvas and treat it as a mood or vision board for your invigorating concepts. Add dynamic design elements from our library as visual cues to each component. Will it be a flavorful Asian restaurant? Throw some animated stickers of your favorite dishes or images from your menu. Perhaps a Christmas shop for the holidays? A hint of snow and Santa’s elves might make your business model canvas more festive.

Align everything with brainstorming

Go above and beyond with what you can fill in your canvas…literally! You no longer have to give up an inch of space to other areas, resize everything to a T, or sacrifice a thought-provoking idea when you run out of space. Expand to Canva Whiteboards and magically have more space to build your business model canvas. Brainstorm with your team, set a timer, and add sticky notes for each business component. Get out of your planning sessions with clarity and drive to make your new business venture a smash hit.

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Shape success with your team

Two heads are better than one. And you can add some more. Collaborate seamlessly across teams and partners in our business model canvas creator. Simply send a design invite to your members to put those ideas out. Apply text or element changes and leave comments in real-time. Once finalized, easily download and share straight from the editor. You can even publish it as a poster via Canva Print to keep everyone in the office on track.

Components of a business model canvas

Business Model Canvas - Key Partners

Key partners

External companies or suppliers that’ll help with key activities
Business Model Canvas - Key Activities

Key activities

Tasks or routines that implement your business model
Business Model Canvas - Key Resources

Key resources

Main inputs or sources to keep key activities rolling
Business Model Canvas - Customer Relationships

Customer relationships

Level of interactions and engagements with your market
Business Model Canvas - Customer Segments

Customer segments

Target demographics of your business whether as individuals or organizations
Business Model Canvas - Channels


Customer touchpoints to interact and communicate with your business
Business Model Canvas - Value proposition

Value proposition

Unique selling proposition of the benefits of your product or service
Business Model Canvas - Cost structure

Cost structure

Costs and liabilities associated with running your business
Business Model Canvas - Revenue stream

Revenue stream

Sources of money generation and how your value propositions play in earning revenue
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