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Adorn your live streams with custom Twitch overlays that hook fans and viewers from the get-go.

Create your own Twitch overlay with ease and start streaming like a pro! Canva’s Twitch overlay maker and editing tools will help you design, build and customize an appealing live streaming experience that will boost your channel views. Get started with our trove of free static and animated Twitch overlay templates today.

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Pick from hundreds of attention-grabbing Twitch overlay templates

Showcase your personality, authenticity, and commitment to your audience with a well-thought-out Twitch stream overlay. Start with a customizable Twitch overlay template from our diverse graphic elements and templates library.

We’ve got templates in various themes and styles. Choose from minimalist designs, scribble-filled layouts, aesthetic pastel-rich designs, grunge tactical esports screens, or modern, bold gaming overlays.

How to make a Twitch overlay

Make a Twitch overlay

Open up Canva and search for "Twitch Overlay." Decide on a design theme or focus for your Twitch overlay. Take note of supplemental content like recent donors, subscriber goals, social media handles, webcam input, or chat windows you want to display.

Browse through our collection of free and premium professionally designed Twitch overlay templates and select one that best fits your personality and tastes. Or start from scratch with a blank overlay design.

Make your custom overlays stand out with unique frames, icons, shapes, patterns, illustrations, images, videos, and other graphic elements. Rearrange elements to match your desired layout. Add on-brand fonts and color schemes.

Complement your Twitch overlay with built-in graphic transitions and text animations. Add effects for frames, or entire screens that appear after every new follow, intermission, or donation.

Save your static or animated Twitch overlays as transparent PNGs or MP4 files, respectively. Then, import them to your preferred live streaming software. These can be used on Streamlabs, OBS Studio, Facebook, and YouTube.

Make a Twitch overlay

Add life and personality to your Twitch channel with ease

With Canva’s Twitch overlay maker and editor, jazzing up your stream scenes is a delight. With millions of free and premium graphic elements, you can easily incorporate stickers, icons, fonts, images, shapes, illustrations, flat or 3D designs, 3D logos(opens in a new tab or window), and more into your stream overlay widget designs.

Plus, with a pre-made Twitch overlay template, coming up with a clutter-free and enticing layout is done for you. Focus on personalizing your overlays and making sure all your channel’s branding stays consistent, from the profile avatars to the banner image.

Boost engagement with animated overlay templates

Built for streamers, our tools offer you unprecedented control over your channel branding. With a few minutes of setup, enjoy a sleek new layout with taglines, widgets, alerts, and overlays—making your scenes more memorable and engaging.

Our online Twitch overlay maker lets you put together elaborate overlay layouts with multiple dynamic components, like a fullscreen animated video or scrolling text animations. You can also make simple effects like gradient webcam border animations and short intermission loops. All these contribute to building your Twitch channel’s community and making your streams more enjoyable for viewers.

Simplify importing your overlays on different broadcasting software

Gone are the days of using a design editor tool for crafting a scene background image, then uploading a photo or shape on a separate app to make its background transparent, and finally transferring the file to another software tool to add effects and animation. Canva’s free online Twitch overlay generator helps you do all that in one design dashboard—saving you time and effort.

Create stunning Twitch overlays in animated or static formats with Canva and, just as quickly, download and export them as transparent PNG(opens in a new tab or window) or MP4 files. Whether you use Twitch Studio, OBS, Streamlabs, Streamelements, or other broadcasting software, you can now concentrate on improving your gameplay or developing new video content material.

Welcome channel raids with glee

Be prepared for channel raids with Canva’s custom stream overlays maker. Whether you’re posting gameplay videos, Just Chatting footage, or IRL streams, a well-designed overlay will help set a positive first impression and keep a raiding party on your page.

Design customized overlays just for when you get a sudden traffic bump or chats from raiders. Amaze these new visitors with your consistently on-brand and thoughtfully crafted overlays. Add personalized thank you panels, illustrations, or messages into your overlay to spread cheer to every oncoming channel viewer. They’ll surely appreciate it!

Stream like a pro and grow your Twitch channel today. With our streaming overlay maker, you’ll be able to create great-looking, animated overlays in minutes!


A Twitch overlay is a visual design composed of various graphic elements such as frames, text, images, icons, transitions, etc., all placed on top of a video live stream. It is commonly used on the live streaming service Twitch but can also be modified for other live broadcasting platforms. Its primary purpose is to create an appealing and engaging real-time watching experience for viewers and subscribers while a streamer shares a part of their gameplay or video screen.

To make an animated Twitch overlay, follow these steps:

  • First, you need to decide on an overarching theme, style aesthetic, and supplemental content you want to include in your overlay design.
  • Next, choose an overlay template that fits your preferences. Or, create the design from scratch.
  • Then, customize your overlay with frames, icons, panels, or graphics. Add special effects and filters to any image, text, or illustrations you add.
  • Afterward, to make animated overlay elements, insert videos and edit them according to loop length, special effects, or other graphic elements you want to include.
  • Lastly, save your design and download it in MP4 format. Your animated Twitch overlay is now ready for importing on stream broadcasting platforms like OBS, Streamlabs, etc.

To add an overlay to your Twitch live streams, go to your preferred broadcasting software like OBS Studio or Streamlabs. Then, create a new Scene, select Sources, and import your overlay image file. Next, arrange the overlay according to your preferences and define the Label Type for each Stream Label source. This ensures the right information displays on the correct part of your overlay design.

The best size for Twitch overlays is 1920 × 1080 px. This ensures the highest screen resolution when importing to broadcasting software tools.

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