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Set up your Twitch channel for success with a customized logo from Canva. With our free Twitch logo maker, designing professional-looking brand assets is easier and quicker. Start inspired with an editable logo template to attach to your content in a few clicks.

Create Twitch Logos

Stream with a recognizable face

Having a dependable Twitch logo(opens in a new tab or window) helps you build a distinct character to battle out the competitive world of game live streaming. Your logo acts as an agent for better recall among your channel viewers so give them a symbol to associate to your content. Mark your custom logo design throughout your brand assets and promotional materials.

With Canva’s free Twitch logo maker, create a fun and unique addition to your brand identity that everyone will adore. Start with a clean slate or work around a premade template to inspire your design journey. Shape your brand with our vast library of free and premium elements, so pick out the perfect pieces that let your personality and style shine through. With a Twitch logo tailored to your qualities and vision, it’s easier for audiences to relate to what you have to offer and recognize you amidst a sea of streamers online.

How to make a Twitch logo

Create a Twitch logo

Open Canva to search for inspiration to use with “Twitch Logos” and see free and ready-made templates.

Decide on what your Twitch channel page’s style and the theme will be. Filter our library from colors and design types to pick a template that best matches the brand identity you want. Or you can always start from scratch if you have an idea to explore right away.

Customize with different design elements to play around with. Edit texts, switch colors, then add icons, shapes, vectors, and more. Find them all in our extensive media library. You can also upload your photos, illustrations, or artwork if you wish.

Wrap up your design with some final touches. You can animate any element, text, or page if you want a dynamic logo. Save and download your custom design in static JPEG files, transparent PNG logo file, or moving GIF files.

Set up things on your Twitch channel. Upload your logo to your profile and streams. Mark your content with your custom symbol to sport a unified look by exporting it across your social media posts and brand assets.
Create a Twitch logo

Flex with your Twitch logos

Level up your channel page with animated, transparent, and 3D logos(opens in a new tab or window) made possible using Canva’s free logo maker for Twitch. It’s easy to make your logo dynamic with bubbly effects or reveal itself in all its glory. Add animations to make the entire design or a specific element move. Delight channel viewers when they see your Twitch logo do entertaining movements from the moment they start your live stream.

Take your trademark to places with a flexible transparent logo. Draw attention and recognition by putting your Twitch logo consistently on your content and marketing efforts. A transparent logo blends well with the rest of your channel page, profile photo, and social media posts.

Go live with a seamless branding

A good logo tells a story: you and your brand. Share it to your viewers with design elements that speak to your Twitch channel’s identity. Find what you need whether it be for a gaming, mukbang, music, or esports channel. Our rich library lets you choose font styles and build a unique color palette for your assets. Create a Twitch logo from our free and premium icons, shapes, vectors, and graphics to form a distinct symbol.

Tie it in with your channel’s graphics such as your banners, panels, stream overlays, and more. With our Pro feature, it’s easy to reflect all styles and themes across your channel with Brand Kit. Not only do consistent branding elements differentiate your content from other game streamers, but it also showcases your personality to be able to relate and engage with your community.

Hit it off well on your first design

Easily craft your mark with our intuitive Twitch logo creator. It’s easy for anyone, whether it be a budding host with no design background or an experienced creative with a knack for content creation. Use our premade templates to springboard your ideas then play around with our drag-and-drop tools. Produce it in the comfort of your desktop or do it on-the-go using your phone. Come up with a remarkable Twitch logo design in a few clicks, then pique everyone’s interest and establish a positive first impression.


The best pixel size for a Twitch logo is 800 × 800 px in a 1:1 aspect ratio. Our Twitch logo maker sets your canvas to this default dimension. You can also quickly resize any design with our premium Magic Switch tool. But, also remember to keep the file size on or below 10 MB in PNG, JPEG, or GIF.

Your logo design should embody who you are as a streamer or brand. Here are a few tips to ensure you craft the best Twitch logo for your channel:
  • Use complementary colors.
  • Make it memorable with unique icons, shapes, or images. But don’t overdo it.
  • Optimize your logo for viewing on different devices or screens.
  • If using a wordmark or adding text, stick to one font style only.
  • Use white space to make a clean logo design.

A logo with no background makes it versatile to any digital or print material. Simply save your custom Twitch logo in a PNG file with a transparent background. Tick this option when you download your design on the upper right portion of the editor. With our Pro feature, you can even use the Background Remover tool to keep elements away from the unwanted backdrop.

Both designs personalize and represent your channel. A Twitch logo is an icon that typically includes a channel name, wordmarks, and distinct brand elements. It would consistently appear across channel assets and materials for a stronger brand identity. It means your logo can also serve as your profile photo. Meanwhile, a Twitch profile picture is usually an avatar or image of the streamer.
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