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Highlight your happiest moments using our free montage maker. Upload your favorite clips and images, add creative transitions, blur backgrounds(opens in a new tab or window), and effects, then tie them together with background sounds and music. Whether you want to feature moments from your wedding, family vacation, or random funny scenes, design it your way with Canva's video and photo montage maker.

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Your own personal highlight reel

Use Canva’s montage video maker to transform your pictures and footage into one creative edit. Put together a touching tribute, celebrate a birthday or milestone, or simply appreciate a friendship. With customizable templates and easy-to-use editing tools, you have everything you need to make montage magic.

A montage isn't just an ordinary video; it's telling a story that captivates viewers, whether recapping a year in your life or making a video compilatio(opens in a new tab or window)n of reunions or gatherings. By adding background music, transitions, and other design elements, you can highlight all your best moments and share them with anyone, anytime.

How to make a montage

Make a montage

Open Canva on your web browser or access the online montage maker on the app. Sign up or start designing without an account using a ready-made template or a blank layout.

Upload your footage, images, and other media, then drag and drop them onto your design. Crop or trim your videos as needed, enhance your photos for better image quality, or play with animations to give your montage a creative flair.

Bring your design to life by adding the perfect musical score that matches your theme. Upload your desired background track or choose from our collection of royalty-free stock audio.

Include text in stylish fonts, add stickers and illustrations from our design library, or insert transitions for seamless storytelling. Preview your work to make sure you’re happy with the final edit.

Download your design as a high-quality MP4 with no watermarks. Share it instantly to your email list or publish it on your social media profiles right from the Canva dashboard.
Make a montage

A touching montage for any occasion

Memories allow you to relive your life's greatest moments. What better way to preserve them than through a heartwarming montage? Move your viewers with a stunning medley of images and videos fit for any purpose—whether that's celebrating a 60th birthday, recapping a family vacation, or honoring a new retiree.

Our free video montage maker lets you work off a pre-made template you can customize to your liking. Design with the celebrant's favorite color in mind, add graphics and illustrations to recreate a scene, or switch from minimalist to fancy font styles depending on your mood. Make a video montage online using Canva and create lasting memories ready to be shared.

Strike a chord with the right soundtrack

Stitch together footage and static images, then make it more meaningful with a suitable background score. Use our video montage maker with music to create an impressive montage that tells your story. You can browse our extensive stock library for premium audio tracks, sound effects, and voiceovers, or opt to upload your own music for total customization.

Once you've chosen the ideal music track, drag it into place in the timeline, then edit away. Trim the audio length to match your clip, split the file into individual tracks, or use fade-in or fade-out effects for a smoother flow. You can also adjust the volume to fully engage viewers. With our video montage maker, crafting your story into a professional production has never been easier.

Elevate your storytelling with transitions

Transitions drive your story forward by seamlessly connecting one scene to the next. Canva's online video editor(opens in a new tab or window) lets you add eye-catching transition styles in between montage clips with ease. Surprise viewers with color wipes, make things more exciting with chop transitions, or apply dissolve or slide effects to convey the right message.

With Canva's video transitions, you can create a smooth-flowing narrative for any social content. Transform your montage into a viral TikTok video, click-worthy YouTube vlog, eye catching Instagram Square Videos(opens in a new tab or window), or trendy Instagram reel. Our video montage creator is your best bet for creating the perfect montage for any social platform on any device.


Download our free iOS app from the App Store to access our photo and video montage maker. Start designing by selecting a template or building from a blank page. Upload videos and images from your personal library and drag and drop them onto the dashboard. Customize your montage by editing clips, enhancing photos, and then adding other design elements. Embellish your work with music and transitions, then download or share it with your audience in just a few taps.

A montage conveys emotion and drives a message home while adding a touch of drama and whimsy to your story. Here are some best practices for creating a montage:
  • Plan ahead. The best montage takes viewers through a linear journey. Your first few seconds should hook viewers in, while the parting shot should be a powerful conclusion to the story.
  • Consider visual variety. Your images and clips should evoke the right emotion from your audience. Reflect on the angles of your photos, the pacing and speed of your footage, and so on. Mixing things up can help create a compelling montage that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Use the right audio. Music can impact how your audience takes in your video. Find tracks that match your mood or narrative or sync certain song parts to highlight the most intense scenes.

Here's a tip: Trim your montage to fit the length of your background audio. The goal of a montage is to showcase different scenes and weave together a story, so a one to two-minute video is ideal for keeping it brief. Keep this in mind to avoid creating a montage that's too long or too short. Use our easy video montage maker to cut, trim, or splice your video into multiple sections, remove unnecessary scenes, or reorder your footage in a snap.

If you're looking for the best online video montage maker, look no further. Our platform has all the tools and features you need to create a montage that leaves an impression on your viewers. Start designing from a pre-made template, then customize until you're satisfied. Whether you're whipping up a design for a friend, colleague, or just for you, our beginner-friendly editor allows you to make a stunning montage with no design skills or experience required.
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