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Celebrate a well-lived life with a moving tribute video you’ll be proud to share. Canva’s free tribute video maker allows you to create a beautiful homage on your own or with a group. A perfect gift that will truly touch hearts, whether it’s for a retiring colleague, a family member or friend entering a new milestone, or a dearly departed loved one.

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Create a tribute video online

Celebrate a person’s legacy with a fitting tribute video that encapsulates their story and impact on everyone around them. Creating a tribute video is best done with people that wholeheartedly share your feelings, like colleagues, family members, friends, or loved ones. Together, you can create an homage that paints a loving picture of the person you’re honoring.

Editing a video with Canva’s tribute video maker is a breeze, especially if you plan to create one with a group. No need to download heavy video editing software or have advanced editing skills. With our beautifully crafted templates and beginner-friendly tools, you can come up with a stunning tribute video in minutes. Your collaborators can easily access the video draft and add their own input using their own devices. Share it easily across social media accounts or download it as a high-resolution MP4 that you can play during your event.

How to make a tribute video

Make a tribute video

Launch Canva to start a video edit. To find a template, search for “Tribute video.”

Filter your search by category, theme, or style. You can also specify which social media platform you’re going to use: TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram Reels. Or create a tribute video from scratch with your unique ideas.

Gather all relevant footage—videos from events, candid videos, video testimonials, or greetings—and upload them to our dashboard. Easily merge, trim, and crop your videos. Insert transitions between clips for a smooth flow to your video. You can also upload and add photos.

Put personal messages in a readable font. Make your video even more beautiful with unique graphic design elements from our media library.

Download your tribute video as a high-quality MP4 that you can play on various devices or share it to all your social media platforms.
Make a tribute video

A tribute video for any occasion

Canva has a wide array of versatile video templates that you can use to make a tribute video. Our gallery includes solemn and elegant homage templates, ideal for in memoriam videos; cool and fun template ideas for birthdays or retirement send-offs; and more. You can also easily start one from scratch using our beginner-friendly video editor(opens in a new tab or window).

If you’re planning to create a simple video slideshow with pictures, you can make your edit more dynamic using Canva’s simple animation features. If you want to add your own talking heads video, you can easily record yourself on Canva by finding the Record Yourself button on the Upload portion of the video editor.

Set the tone with the right audio track

For your tribute video edit, choose a song that fits the occasion and expresses your feelings. Canva has a library of royalty-free stock audio clips and instrumentals you can use for your video. You can also upload your own songs and audio to our video maker and use them for your tribute.

Place your song at just the right moment in the edit, or trim it to transition to a new song where it fits. Be sure to use our audio fade-in and fade-out features to keep your soundtrack polished and smooth.

Add color to your tribute video

Tell a moving story with the right visual elements. Canva has a whole library of free graphic elements, including stickers, shapes, and illustrations that you can easily drag and drop onto your video edit.

Another way to express your feelings is using the right colors. Pick the perfect hue to paint a picture of the person you’re honoring. Try adding a filter by overlaying a plain background on your frame and adjusting its transparency. Browse our ready-made style options to discover the right look for your tribute video.

Involve your family and friends in the creative process

Two heads are better than one when it comes to making a touching tribute video. Get everyone on board and let them add their own voice into the edit. Give your friends, team, or family members access to the tribute video draft by sending them a link to the Canva dashboard. They can easily add their input whatever device they’re on, as Canva is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


To make a touching funeral video tribute, gather all the materials you can get from family and friends: photos from various stages of life, home videos, and more. If you have time, ask a few loved ones to record clips where they can tell a story or anecdote about the person you’re paying tribute to.

Then, upload your materials to our online video editor. You can simply stitch the clips and pictures together as a slideshow or use an in memoriam template from our gallery. Our video templates include layout ideas for each frame, as well as a suggested audio track to underscore your tribute video.

Keep it light, fun, and personal. Tell a funny story or a shared memory with the birthday celebrant. Express your love and hopes for your friend or loved one. Let them know just how much you appreciate them. But don’t ramble on; keep your message short and sweet so that all your other friends can have their air time, as well.

We have a selection of royalty-free stock audio clips you can use when you create a tribute video. Simply choose your music track and drag and drop it onto the video editing timeline. There are also other websites where you can find more royalty-free music, such as Pixabay. As long as it’s for non-commercial use, you don’t have to credit the artist. However, sending a note of thanks or posting about the creator on social media is always a nice gesture.

The idea length for a tribute video would be less than 10 minutes to maximize its impact on the audience.
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