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Create beautiful anniversary videos for weddings, relationships, friendships, work, and more. Our free anniversary video maker helps you celebrate wonderful memories throughout the years, with its user-friendly interface and lots of romantic and nostalgic video templates.

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Look back on the happy years with your partner

It can be challenging to create anniversary videos from scratch, but with Canva, it will be a breeze. Whether it’s your first or 50th wedding anniversary, our free online video maker will have you walking down memory lane with a smile.

Tie together the pictures and videos you took throughout your married years to make a video for your wedding anniversary. Choose from our collection of charming video templates and customize it to fit the theme of your anniversary. Perhaps a touch of silver for your 25th year together? Or add elements draped in ruby to symbolize your 40th anniversary.

Browse our rich content library for endless graphic elements you’ll love. You can select a romantic stock music or pick your favorite love song or old wedding song to relive the romance. Then, upload all the pictures and clips that bring back fond memories. Arrange them in your video layout in no time with our easy drag-and-drop tool. Then, download it easily in a high-quality MP4 video you can watch digitally and share online on your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts.

How to make a “Happy Anniversary” video

  1. Launch Canva
    Open Canva and decide on an anniversary video theme you’re going to create. This will help you narrow down your video search.
  2. Look for a template
    Filter our video templates by color, theme, or style to find one that suits your anniversary. Click your preferred template to go to the online design editor.
  3. Personalize your video template
    Upload all the pictures and video clips you want to add to your anniversary video. Drag and drop these media files onto your template. Use our photo editor to touch up the pictures. Then, spruce up the video with free illustrations, icons, and stickers from our free media library. Play with transitions and animation styles, too.
  4. Add music and finalize
    Enhance your anniversary video with dreamy music. Upload your audio track or choose one from our free audio library. Add finishing touches and trim or crop the video as needed. Then preview the video to see if there’s anything you want to add.
  5. Download, share, or present directly from Canva
    Download your anniversary video, share it on social media, or present it directly from Canva. Play the video for the celebrant or at the get-together to relive the memories.
Make an anniversary video

Congratulate a teammate with a work anniversary video

Is your teammate celebrating their work anniversary? Make a work anniversary video for them! Highlight their achievements using different font styles, color palettes, and font colors. Add their pictures to the video and enhance them using our built-in photo editor. You can add multiple pages to your video and adjust the timing for each.

Did we mention that your entire team can collaborate on the anniversary video? Share a link to your video project with your teammates, so everyone can add their personal touch and leave a message to make the video more special.

Celebrate the best years of your business

Business anniversaries are best celebrated with a video. You can look back on your milestones in the previous year and preserve the memories in a video that you can watch in the future. With Canva, you can produce one in the easiest way.

Filter our anniversary video templates by theme to quickly find one that matches your brand identity. Collate all the clips and images of your shop’s growth, employees, achievements, and team celebrations and tie them together using our online anniversary video maker. You can crop and flip every element. Plus, with our premium Magic Resize tool, you can resize the video to fit any gadget. Create your most memorable business video yet with Canva.

Make a friend smile on your friendiversary

Friendiversaries or friendship anniversaries deserve to be recognized with a video, too. Collect the funniest and goofiest clips of you and your friend with Canva’s design editor. Add quirky design elements and illustrations to spruce it up.

You can also add audio to your video to set the mood, whether it’s funny, sentimental, or both. Change the background, add a heartfelt message, and use your friend’s favorite colors. A friendiversary video is the best way to thank your friend for the years you two have shared. So make the funniest video for your friendship anniversary on Canva.


Our free, online anniversary video maker allows you to make anniversary videos for weddings, friendships, work, business, and other yearly milestones you want to celebrate. Simply choose a template, upload your clips and pictures, and edit away. Our video maker is free, along with lots of music tracks and design elements.

If you’re looking for an app to make anniversary videos, download ours from the App Store or Google Play. You’ll access the same features as our web-based app: free anniversary video templates, music tracks, illustrations, and easy-to-use video editing tools. And thanks to the mobile app, you can create anniversary videos whenever, wherever.

You can make a wedding anniversary slideshow with our online anniversary video maker. Simply add your wedding clips and pictures to any slideshow template. Our design tool also has free audio tracks you can choose from, plus lots of free illustrations and stickers, to help you make the best anniversary slideshow.

Choose an anniversary video template you like (or a design your parents would like), then add lively background music and fun illustrations. Add pictures and videos of your parents. Choose the ones that bring back lots of memories, like birthday parties, vacations, school plays, and more. Customize the fonts, colors, and background, then preview the video before showing it to your parents.

First, collect all the pictures you want to add to your video—photos that make you feel nostalgic. Upload them to our online anniversary video maker and add them to any of our video or slideshow templates. You can use our photo editor to enhance the pictures, too. Then arrange the photos, add music, leave warm greetings, and download the video or share it with everyone.
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