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Create stunning videos for any type of music with our free music video maker. Weave video clips, photos, and text together to build fluid visuals that match your music. From conceptual to narrative, your dream music video is possible with Canva.

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Produce high-quality music videos for your tracks

No fancy studio equipment? No problem. Use our free online music video maker to create captivating videos to go with your music track. Stitch together images and footage to tell a story that embodies the song. Create a conceptual video using symbolic imagery like shapes and colors, or produce animated music videos that will get your audience’s groove on.

Our rich audio-visual editing tools bring your storytelling into full force. Our media library features diverse stock videos(opens in a new tab or window) you can use: soothing seascapes perfect for a piano solo, neon backgrounds for electropop singles, and adorable pastels for nursery rhymes.

All you have to do is upload your video clips, music(opens in a new tab or window), and pictures to start making a video.

How to make a music video

Make a music video

Open Canva and type “Video” to start making your own music video.

Explore our collection of video templates if you want to use a pre-made design. Alternatively, you can start from scratch.

Upload your music track and other media files for your music video, like footage and images. Drag and drop these files onto the video timeline.

Rearrange and trim the clips as you see fit. Browse our media library for stock videos, photos, and illustrations to spruce up your project. Use the Text tool to add a title and credits.

Save your music video as an MP4 file or share it directly to your video platforms.
Make a music video

Get into the groove with video templates

If you don’t know where to start, Canva’s video templates will set you on the right path. Choose presets that match the energy of your music—soft, romantic graphics for a ballad, retro imagery for classic rock, or fluorescent backdrops for synthwave tunes. Using templates, you can make simple narrative videos for songs, as well as animated music videos with elements that move to the beat.

Edit like a production pro

Canva’s video editor is easy to use, enabling you to craft a smooth video compilation(opens in a new tab or window) with seamless transitions and flawless animation, even if you’re new to MVs.

If you’re using original footage, use the trimming tool to cut each scene to the perfect length. Splice your videos to remove any dull moments or grainy bits. If you’re making animated videos, the music video maker has you covered. Apply animation effects to move your viewers. You can also add illustrations, stickers, vectors, and other graphic design elements to flesh out the theme of your MV.

Share your music video with the world

Collaborators are welcome. When you make your own music video, you can send the link to your teammates and let them work their magic on the project.

No dilly-dallying. Once done, you can apply a video watermark(opens in a new tab or window) and publish your finished video in an instant. Using Canva’s sharing options, post it directly to your video platform, whether it’s YouTube or Facebook. You can also download your project as a high-quality MP4 file and upload it to all your social spaces to maximize your reach.


Download our mobile app to make music videos on your iPhone anytime, anywhere. It’s just as easy to use as our web-based video editor. Simply choose a template, upload media files, and edit as needed. It’s beginner-friendly, too, so you’ll have fun creating MVs on the go. The same goes for our Android app that users can enjoy.

Our music video maker has templates with standard YouTube dimensions, so it’s super easy to start. If you found a video template, not in YouTube dimensions, we have a premium Magic Switch tool that will fix the video dimensions in a few clicks. To further optimize your MV for YouTube, you can add an intro, outro, and thumbnail (we have templates for those, too).

The cost of a music video varies largely, depending on several factors. Some music videos even reach seven figures. However, you don’t have to shell out millions to create a high-quality MV. Our free video maker lets you create impressive MVs with ease.

As you edit your music video, click “Animate,” and you’ll see the animation tools that can make each page, text, or illustration move. You can have the elements pop into view, pan across the screen, or fade out. Apply animation effects to every aspect you want to move.

It depends on how complicated your scenes are, but on average, every minute of a music video requires up to 2 hours of editing. Our music video maker app drastically cuts that back because it’s simple and easy to use. It’s beginner-friendly, too, and you’ll have fun crafting your MV.
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