Turn hilarious moments into funny meme videos

Show something fun to laugh out loud with your family and friends. Break into uncontrollable laughter by adding your good sense of humor to priceless reactions caught on cam and personalized using Canva’s meme video maker.

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Humor everyone with meme videos

When everything under the sun can be a meme, chime into the antics and quirks of the Internet with masterful meme-making. An absurd situation? Make it a mood for everyone. A hilarious joke waiting to be out in the open? Share it for the world to enjoy. Or you can simply goof around with meme videos to turn your online conversations into pure comedy.

With Canva’s meme video generator, you don’t need a long time to have a good time. Upgrade your usual and static memes into moving funny meme videos. Pull out your million-dollar, off-the-cuff reaction in a photo or video and put a hilarious caption to capture the moment. You can even add animations and comical graphic elements, then save it in MP4 to share around instantly. Use it to engage with your followers or make your brand more relatable to an online generation.

How to make a meme video

  1. Start your act with Canva
    Open Canva and search for “Meme Videos” to get started. You can edit right away while logged out or easily log in to your existing account.
  2. Nail it with a fun layout
    Design your meme video from scratch or get inspired with ready-made templates that you can narrow down by type, color, and style. Our intuitive video editor lets you customize any layout in a few clicks.
  3. Discover your funny bone in our library
    Find fun-filled elements that can add to your clever design. We have millions of designer-made photos, videos, illustrations, stickers, and other graphics. You can also upload from your gallery. Then, play with different fonts and effects to fully customize your meme video.
  4. Keep it moving with animations
    Differentiate your video from regular memes. Make it dynamic with motion. Move it to pan, slide, or pop as you like it. You can add animation to a specific text or element or put an exciting transition effect to your whole meme video.
  5. Download and share
    Make everyone laugh or go viral online. Finalize your custom meme video and instantly share it to your social media accounts, straight from the editor. Adding it to your next vlog? Download it as a high-resolution MP4 file to use on your other projects.
Make a meme video for free

Your reactions caught on cam

A meme is all in the visual. A picture or a video reaction speaks for you, so you must find a relatable visual cue to nail the joke. If you have a meme-worthy reaction caught on camera, use it to your advantage. You’re free to upload clips, photos, or screenshots from your gallery to Canva and use it to make your meme video more personalized.

Canva’s meme video editor also has a wide range of free and pre-licensed stock images, GIFs, and videos that can help you create playful and silly memes that people will enjoy. You can even add a laugh track or a quirky sound bite from our high-quality stock audio library.

Big movements. Big. Huge!

Move past the usual memes in still images. Make your video pop, fade, rise, and more to engage everyone on each hilarious post you have. Who knows? This might turn your meme into a viral hit. Remember that animated visuals help captivate the audience’s attention, so design your meme video with big and energetic movements.

Keep everyone in tune by adding exciting animations to your texts and elements. Or set your whole meme video into motion with a lively transition. Click “Animate” and apply different effects to any graphic on your layout, so it gives a more comic telling of your meme video.

Editing (and sharing) is definitely a mood

It’s easy to be a master meme video creator. Either create one to relate to your community as a brand or simply have light and fun conversations with family and friends. Think of your meme videos as an extension of your expression and work on that seamlessly with Canva’s video editor. Customize pre-made templates easily with our drag-and-drop tools. Then, get your custom meme video without watermarks.

Share your meme videos across your social media accounts or add them to your future content like vlogs. Quickly post it straight from the editor or schedule it on our content planning tool. You can also download it as a high-quality MP4, so it’s handy when you react to a trending topic or tickle everyone’s funny bone in your casual chats.


The Internet is an excellent place to find memes of different types. Our library has a collection of free templates that you can easily customize and save as your original meme video.

Absolutely! Memes can act as an interlude or a reaction to a moment in your YouTube video. Simply download your custom meme video in a high-resolution MP4. Then, use our video editor to upload and edit other elements like audio and clips to produce your YouTube content.

Tap into your funny side by editing meme videos on the go. Design a meme-able moment on your mobile browser or simply download our app on your iOS or Android device. Log in to your account or sign up for one and make it rain with your meme videos.

Memes can be both funny and insightful. Some would often use satire, commentary, and nostalgia to make an impactful meme. Our text tool lets you add your caption to match your visuals. Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica and Arial are usually the standard, but you can be quirky with your choices by going with our decorative and fun typefaces, too.
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