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Remove audio from video to get rid of unwanted noise

Get your footage or clip right by eliminating unnecessary music tracks, sound effects, or narrations. Remove audio from a video in a few clicks, no complicated software or advanced video editing skills required.

Mute any video with ease

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Removing audio from a video is important if there is poor sound quality, needless dialogue, or unpleasant sounds. With Canva’s free audio remover, it’s easy to mute a portion or an entire video on any device. You can remove audio from a video on the Android or iPhone app or desktop. Adjust sound levels or silence your clip completely, then maintain video quality and download it for free with no watermarks.

Control the overall sound

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Looking to muffle your video’s ambient sound? You can adjust the volume by clicking the speaker icon and moving the slider. Or how about fading your audio track? Simply select your recording, click Audio effects, then use the slider or text box to add a subtle fade-in or fade-out effect. Get it all done in one platform. Remove voice and audio from a video in seconds using Canva.

Set the mood with sound effects

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Once you’ve had the audio removed from your video, don’t stop there. Give your clip a cinematic touch by inserting a fitting score in the background. Browse through our library of pre-licensed music in different genres or upload your own. Add the perfect track to any part of your video by dragging it to your intended frame or the entire clip, then download and share straight from the app or your web browser.

How to remove audio from video

How to remove audio from video
Remove audio from video

Remove audio from video

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